Cantilever Umbrella Guide


A cantilever umbrella uses a special adjustable frame to provide shading to a particular area. These umbrellas are Cantilever Umbrelladifferent from standard varieties in that the stand is "offset" away from the shaded area. This allows furniture to be set up under the shade without the mount or frame getting in the way. These umbrellas can even shade portions of a pool when placed at the deck edge. Durable fabric makes up the canopy of the umbrella to provide protection from harmful UV sunlight. Some models have wheels on the base which allow them to be moved around the yard with minimal effort. Cantilever umbrellas are also known as offset umbrellas in the industry. Choosing the right umbrella is easier when you know what features are available.

Cantilever Functionality

They are called cantilever umbrellas for one reason- they have a special frame and base which suspends the umbrella over a given area. Because the base is positioned off to the side, the shaded area underneath the canopy is free of obstruction. This allows users to take full advantage of their umbrella shade. Outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs can be set up in any pattern desired. The lever at the rear allows for instant height adjustment. In addition to the adjustment of height, some models have the ability to tip their canopies at an angle, adjusting to the sun during the day.

Umbrella Base

Many umbrellas do not come with a base, making it important to choose the right one. First, look at the hole diameter on the base to make sure it is the same diameter as your umbrella's pole. Metal bases are quite heavy but come in many decorative designs and colors. The color is actually a protective paint which prevents rust from forming. Cast iron bases do not require this coating, resulting in a more natural look. Plastic bases get filled by the user with water or sand to make them heavy. The convenience of a plastic base is that they can be emptied for storage or transport. If you plan on using the cantilever umbrella in different parts of the yard, get a base with wheels to make it easy to move.

Cover Shape

for many potential umbrella buyers, the shape of the umbrella cover is quite important. Circular umbrellas work well in the middle of a patio or yard. They do well with a circular table or sitting area underneath. However, for square tables, a rectangular cantilever patio umbrella might be better suited. Rectangular umbrellas have flat edges which can be placed right up against a wall or gate. They are also better suited for square table sets.


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