Electric Barbecue Grill

When the warm spring and summer months roll around, people start breaking out their electric barbecue grill. Both amateurs and grill masters alike start cooking up great eats for family and friends. Everyone seems to have their own "secret" method for cooing the best tasting meats and grilled veggies. The […]

Top Rated Outdoor Electric Grill Guide

Outdoor electric grill has recently become very popular with people who live in apartment and condominium communities. They are an excellent alternative to gas or charcoal grills since most of these communities do not allow for grilling on patios or in back yard space. With an electric grill you are […]

The Weber Performer Grill

A lot of people out there strongly believe that charcoal grilling produces a better taste than gas. However, it is obvious that charcoal takes a lot longer to set up and clean. The Weber Performer Grill takes the complication out of charcoal grilling by using the power of propane to […]

Stainless Steel Cooler Review

Originally introduced in the 1950's by Coleman, the stainless steel cooler has since had many upgrades but retains its sleek metallic design. Stainless steel coolers can be considered a step up from your typical plastic or foam coolers because of their enhanced quality. A layer of high quality stainless steel […]

Igloo Cooler – Replacement Parts

Igloo cooler owners often make good use out of their coolers, using them for years on end. Over time even the quality coolers made by Igloo break down. Whether it's due to an accident or just old age, your broken cooler doesn't have to be thrown into the trash can. […]