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Crafting great morning means and brunches does not require getting out several pans. An electric griddle allows users to cook up anything from eggs to bacon on its flat, non-stick cooking surface. Griddles such as these range widely in the size of the cooking surface, with most being no larger than a textbook. Once cooking is complete, most can either be placed into the dishwasher whole or separated from their cook top. With easy cleaning, users can stay in control and spend less time in the kitchen.

Starting up an electric griddle uses up far less energy than a stove does. Also, it will not heat up your kitchen. The power of a griddle is measured in wattage. The greater the wattage, the hotter the griddle can get. Some manufacturers make it easy and label the maximum temperature that the griddle can achieve, which is usually a couple hundred degrees. The size of the cooking surface should be selected based on the type of food you cook and how many people you serve. Large, professional products like the Presto electric griddle are designed to feed dozens of people at a given time.

Electric Griddle Guide

The cook tops on griddles are designed to be flat in order to keep liquid food like eggs and pancake batter from sliding off. Special fat drip catchers on many griddles capture and contain juices from meats, such as bacon. Many of these fat traps can be removed for easy cleaning, while others are built into the cook top itself. No matter what you are cooking, the non-stick surface on the griddle prevents it from sticking, and promotes easy cleaning. Teflon is the most commonly used non stick coating.

An electric griddle can be quickly preheated to the desired level within a minute or so. Labeled control dials on the front indicate different heat levels. Specialty griddles can have dual sides, each of which can be set to their own temperature. This allows you to cook foods that require a different cooking temperature at the same time.

Cool touch handles allow you to transport or adjust a hot griddle without getting burned. Oven mitts are not necessary, as the plastic handles stay cool at all times. To save space, consumers can select a griddle that folds in half. These griddles fold into a compact shape which can be easily stored within a cabinet or simply on the counter. A quick look at electric griddle reviews can reveal the good and potentially negative sides to any model.

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