Jenn Air Outdoor Grills

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The company Jenn Air makes some remarkably high quality indoor cook tops. Some consumers may be wondering why the company has not branched out into the outdoor grilling industry. Actually, Jenn Air outdoor grills are available, but chances are you have never seen one in a store. This is because Jenn Air only makes commercial quality grilling machines that cost over $1000 each. While expensive and elite, consumers can buy them if desired. You will receive a high quality grilling machine that is rarely seen outside of professional industry.

Duel Fuel Grills:

Jenn Air Outdoor Grills

Jenn Air gas grills are known to have a dual fuel capability, meaning that they can run on one of two types of gas fuel. Hook it up to a liquid propane tank and store the tank under the grill, or connect the grill to a natural gas line for unlimited cooking. Because of their elite look and expense, Jenn Air grills are often installed into outdoor kitchens where they are connected to the home’s fuel line. This allows for unlimited cooking time and no hassling with a tank. To switch between the modes, a conversion kit is included with the grill.

Stainless Steel Design:

As typical of professional grills, Jenn Air manufactures their products with a stainless steel exterior. This corrosion resistant exterior can withstand the rigors of outside placement. Control dials on the front are colored to match the steel color of the hood and base. Jenn Air has substantially sized hood handles that can be grabbed from the left, center and right sides of the grill. The 304 grade stainless steel is designed to be easy to clean and resistant to dents and scratches. The panels are welded with such precision that you can hardly tell there are any seams at all.

Cooking Surfaces:

Cooking Surfaces

Jenn Air outdoor grills have at least four burners which can each be dialed in to a specific heat level. Accompanying the main burners is a searing burner which is used to sear foods at high heat. The searing burner can produce heat around 18,000 BTU and is made from ceramics. You also get a burner with the latest and greatest in cooking technology, infrared. Infrared burners use light for heating and are prized for their efficiency. The cooking surface is designed to apply even heat for optimal cooking. Users can gauge the size of the cooking area by looking at the square inch rating. The size of the burners is given in diameter (inches).

Other Parts:

Jenn Air grill parts such as the thermometer aid in creating great grilled foods. The thermometer mounted on the hood tells the griller exactly what the temperature inside of the grill is. Different grilling methods require different temperatures, and the thermometer lets you know exactly what the temperature is. If you ever need a replacement part such as a hinge or dial, Jenn Air grill parts can be ordered from the company.

The downside to large grills is that they cannot be taken on the go, such as on a camping trip or tailgating party. The Weber go Anywhere gas grill defies this convention. It folds up for easy carrying yet has a large grilling surface. The same company also makes the Weber Performer grill, which is more affordable for most consumers when compared to the Jenn Air models.

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  1. Well to start with I've had a 3burner grill for about 5 yrs. Performance has been marginal at best. The grill cannot have burners adjusted as they were set at the factory, replacement requires a major overhaul(not for the mechanically challenged). The grill itself has very noticable hot and cold spots so accurate cooking is an adventure. My contacts with Jenn-Air basically yeilded all I've already stated and alot of good luck. I used to think this was a solid quality company.I 'm exploring replacements now.


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