Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2023

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Are you looking for ways to spice up your summer this year? Well, look no further. Inflatable pool slides seem like a very popular option for summer fun. For this year, you could spice things up with a variety of inflatable pool floats and toys.

Here are some fun and easy options. These inflatable pool floats and inflatable pool toys will make your whole summer better. Also, they’re bound to make pool time a thousand times more enjoyable.

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020

Our Top 5 Picks for The Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys

Aqua 4-in-1 Monetary Hammock• ZERO GRAVITY POOL CHAIR
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Jasonwell Giant Unicorn Pool Float• Fast Inflation Deflation
• Easy to take it on your trip
• Premium Vinyl
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Intex Giant Gater Ride-On• Includes repair patch kit
• Measures 45 by 80 inches (W x D)
• Includes limited 30-day manufacturer's warranty
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Intex Great White Shark Ride-On• Designed with heavy-duty grab handles.
• Age grade: 3+
• Designed with heavy-duty grab handles
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Intex Floating Recliner Chair• Chair like design for added comfort
• 2 air chambers
• 2 cup holders
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From hammocks to recliner chairs to unicorns, we’ve got it all covered here.

Aqua 4-in-1 Monetary Hammock

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020
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By far the easiest pool inflatable to get on or off. This could be partially due to the fact that it keeps a portion of your body under the water. It’s great for adults, especially seniors and pregnant women. They can get to enjoy a day of relaxing in the pool.

The inflatable is very versatile as you can use it as 4 different things. It’s mainly a hammock, but you can use it as a drifter, chair, or an exercise saddle.

What We Like

  • Versatile
  • Compact design for travel and storage
  • Supportive mesh seat
  • Budget-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • A little tricky to fill with air
  • Keeps a portion of your body underwater

Jasonwell Giant Unicorn Pool Float

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020
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Who hasn’t dreamed about riding a unicorn as a kid? Whether you’re still fantasizing about it like I am, or still budding with that passion, this pool float is surely going to catch your eye.

This product is best suited for adults and teenagers, especially those who look forward to taking pictures with a giant inflatable unicorn. Kids could use the float but only under supervision because of its humongous size.

What We Like

  • Can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Could be inflated with a hairdryer
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Raft-grade materials
  • Great for photography

What We Don’t Like

  • No handles on the main raft
  • Too big for children

Intex Giant Gater Ride-On

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020
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I understand the struggle of having several kids fight over their turn on the pool float. This is great for these situations as it can hold two children, or more if they’re very little. It’s also great for kids because of how easy it is to stay on top of the float. Another great alternative for the kids is a kiddie pool.

What We Like

  • Includes a repair patch kit
  • Two air chambers
  • Easy to stay on
  • 2 handle pairs
  • Room for several people

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues about air leaking

Intex Great White Shark Ride-On

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020
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You, or your child, will look very cool riding a hyper-realistic shark. Another plus is its durability, you won’t have to worry about it tearing when adults attempt to jump on it for entertainment.

Although, It may be a little hard to stay on it because of the design and the slippery surface. Therefore, I would recommend using it in an inflatable pool, especially for kids. That way they could have fun without putting themselves at risk.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty grab handles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Realistic design
  • Lightweight
  • Made from durable vinyl

What We Don’t Like

  • Labels printed on both fins could be an unpleasant sight

Intex Floating Recliner Chair

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020
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This is great for when you don’t want to get wet but want to relax in the pool at the same time. It’s designed to keep you completely above water. It also has two cup holders to enhance your experience.

What We Like

  • Two cup holders
  • Two air chambers
  • Unique chair-like design
  • Two heavy-duty handles
  • Comfortable arm and backrests
  • Comes with a repair patch kit

What We Don’t Like

  • Arms aren’t securely attached

The Four Safety C’s

Time in the pool shouldn’t just be fun, it should also be safe.

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020


Before using your toy or float make sure there aren’t any holes or tears. With bigger floats, these won’t be very noticeable at first. As you use them in the pool you’ll start to notice it’s getting deflated steadily.


Many people think that the chlorine in the pool does the job of keeping you and your toys bacteria-free. That’s true to some extent. However, when you take your floats and toys out of the pool this isn’t the case anymore.

Moist places are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure you dry your belongings before storing them in a cool and dry place. This prevents mold from growing on them. That way you keep yourself and other people in the pool safe.


Try as much as you can to steer clear from the deep areas in the pool, especially if you aren’t very confident in your swimming abilities. Due to the nature of pool floats, it’s easy to slip off of them.

When playing with inflatable pool toys you need to have sure footing. Playing and trying not to drown at the same time is nearly impossible.

An Extra Check

If it’s your child using the inflatable pool float or toy, keep an eye on them all the time. Children aren’t to be trusted in water, or anywhere at all actually. It’s best for children to use inflatable pool toys and floats inside a kiddie pool.

Other Uses for Pool Toys and Floats

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020

There are endless options for enhancing the quality of pool time. Some of these are used in physiotherapy and some others are used in kids’ swim lessons.

These inflatable pool floats and toys could be used for numerous things. In addition of course to using them in kiddie pools for the little ones, just to be safe.


One of the main aspects of inflatable pool floats is their design. For example, the Jasonwell Giant Unicorn Float was made with photogenic qualities in mind.

Working Out

Some athletes find pool workouts better than going to the gym before a big game. This is partly due to the benefits that it has to offer. It could also be somewhat therapeutic working out in the cool water. Your sets could be made easier using inflatable pool floats and toys.


A day out floating in a lake on your inflatable float sounds like a perfect scene for mediation. The rhythmic motion of the water is eventually going to soothe you. Before taking your float anywhere but the pool, make sure it’s compatible with the body of water you’re intending to take it to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store inflatable pool floats and toys?

After completely deflating them, it’s best to store them in their original packaging. If that’s not possible, keep them in a box on their own. It doesn’t need to be a box though, you just have to make sure that it’s sealed and on its own.

Can I leave pool floats in the pool?

When you leave them out overnight the chlorine in the pool starts eating away at the vinyl. Once the sun comes up, the process is sped up. When you’re leaving the pool, it’s best to take your float out with you.

How should I clean my inflatable pool floats and toys?

Mix two cups of your cleaner with one gallon of water. Use a sponge to clean the inflatables with the solution. Leave the floats to completely dry before storing them away.

Best Inflatable Pool Float and Toy Brands

Best Inflatable Pool Floats and Toys to Rock The Summer of 2020

We’ve mentioned products that were manufactured by prominent names in the industry. Here is one of them that stands out.


For over 40 years, Intex has been a leading brand in the making of airbeds, above ground pools, inflatable pool floats, and so much more. Intex has been producing sustainable products for the past 10 years by limiting the use of fossil fuels.

Wrap Up

I highly recommend trying out the Intex Floating Recliner Chair. It’s great for people who like to sunbathe on the edge of the pool. Also, its various comfort features may make your time in the pool relaxing and soothing.

Another budget-friendly option is the Aqua 4-in-1 Monetary Hammock. The versatility it offers makes it a great deal.

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