The Beautiful Sound of Bamboo Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes produce beautiful sounds of nature that can’t be replicated from a set of speakers. Bamboo wind chimes have rich, earthy tones that simulate sounds heard in the jungle.

The bars are made from bamboo, a fast-growing renewable resource. The mellow tones that emanate from these chimes are created when a striker hits the bamboo tubes.

Each tube is a different length and releases its own unique sound. The tubes are tuned to a specific musical key so that they complement each other perfectly.

Bamboo is naturally weather-resistant and is safe to use outdoors. Manufacturers such as Asli Arts often tie the tubes together with nylon cording which is long-lasting and durable.

Beautiful Sound of Bamboo Wind Chimes

The Sound of Bamboo

Beautiful Sound of Bamboo Wind Chimes
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Sound from a bamboo wind chime is created when a striker bar hits one or more of the tubes. In a light breeze, a wind catcher hanging from the bottom moves the striker around.

The tubes are hollow like a flute, and each one makes a different sound. Larger tubes create lower tones, while smaller tubes create higher ones.

Bamboo creates a mellow and relaxing sound that is distinctly different than one made of metal. The sounds are more earthy, wooden and better reflect the sounds heard in nature.

Beautiful Sound of Bamboo Wind Chimes

These bamboo wind chimes vary in design, but are assembled with several basic pieces.

A bar or disc at the top holds up each tube with nylon cording. Sanded coconut shells are used in some cases.

The bamboo tubes line the edge of the top and hang loosely. In the center is a line which holds the striker and wind catcher.

The wind catcher swings around in the wind, forcing the striker into the bars. In turn, they resonate with their own tone to create beautiful music.

Beautiful Sound of Bamboo Wind Chimes
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These tubes are honed to perfection by skilled artisans. Each tube is whittled down to an exacting size to create the perfect tone.

Artisans strike each tube repeatedly as they test until it has reached just the right tone. Small holes are drilled into the top of each tube which will be used to hang them. This handcrafted style results in a slightly different wind chime every time.

Bamboo is a fast-growing type of plant which is hollow just like a flute or clarinet. This makes it both a renewable resource and perfect for creating music.

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