10 Ways to Give Your Backyard a Complete Makeover on a Budget

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As Christmas and New Year are approaching, many people including gardening lovers are searching for new ways to enhance the look of their backyard, without breaking their bank.

If you are tired of your boring yard and want to add some “wow” factor to it, then there are many budget-friendly backyard ideas available.

Before invest hard-earned money, you should ask yourself – what type of makeover I am looking for my backyard? What’s my budget? When you have answers to these questions, you will be more explicit about how to proceed.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at ten backyard makeover budget ideas.

1. Save money on backyard lighting

Save money on backyard lighting

There are a plethora of backyard lighting options from which to choose, but who doesn’t like to save a few bucks? You can choose LED or solar powered outdoor lighting, but, if you have a tight budget, you can also use tiki torches and candles too. These can add ambiance and brightness to your backyard. Even you can also add twinkle lights and string them into fences, trees, and shrubbery to add a decorative flair. Some of the pocket-friendly options for backyard lighting are-

  • String lighting
  • Lanterns
  • The strip of hidden LED Lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Citronella candles etc

2. Adding a water feature to your landscape

Whether your backyard is small or big, adding water feature can be a dramatic focal point that can add intrigue to any yard. You can choose from a wall fountain or bubbling birdbath. If your backyard is small, it is always suggested to add a water feature with a black bottom. The darker surface reflects trees and sky and makes your yard looks bigger and spacious. You can also try terry Cota water foundation that will cost you under $100 and takes a few hours to assemble.

3. Bloom Boxes for backyard landscaping

Bloom Boxes for backyard

Self-watering plastic window planters are quite famous. But here we are talking about pocket-friendly ways. So, bloom boxes are one of the cheapest easy gardening ideas out there. You can create bloom boxes out of old boxes or wood that are laying around your yard. When you place these bloom boxes outside the windows, it gives a fresh look and charm setting for any setting.

4. Cheap Landscaping Borders

To give your yard an extra lift, you can opt for cheap landscaping border. These can be used in both front yard or backyard. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating an edge in any landscape. Moreover, these borders provide prominent lines separating lawn, plants and garden beds. Whether you want to make most out of space or create some extra space, these borders are a great choice. Some of the popular yet affordable landscaping borders ideas include-

  • Border Boxes
  • Plastic Barriers
  • Garden Filler
  • Planting Rocks

5. Add some Old wooden Palette Furniture

Add some Old wooden Palette Furniture

To make your boring backyard appealing, one of the easiest, affordable and creative ways is to create furniture out of old wooden pallets. This type of furniture not only looks good, but you can easily dress it up and down. To add some peppy look, you can even add some fun cushions to it.

6. Transform your backyard into an Edible Garden

What about transforming your backyard area into an edible landscape? Sounds interesting? Well, it is and also, one of the cheapest landscape ideas when looking for a backyard makeover. Seeds are inexpensive. These can quickly transform your front yard into an edible garden. Depending on the season, you can plant and harvest vegetables or fruits and save money. It is an excellent contribution towards the environment and a great way to make the make the most of your backyard.

7. Whimsy works

Whimsy works

One of the fantastic backyard ideas in a budget is by adding whimsy works to your garden. It can be anything like fairy gardens, repurposed containers, statues, and birdhouses. These unique items are not only budget-friendly options, but also you can create them on your own.

8. Modern Fencing – A cheap landscaping idea

To give a posh look to your landscape, you can add some modern fencing to it. This reasonable landscaping edging idea will never go out of style. Even if you add minimalist fencing, it will not only do a great job but also looks great. You can take ideas from the internet and pick the right one that complements your yard.

9. Recycle the waste

Recycle the waste

We throw many things that could serve a purpose in our backyard. For example newspapers, bottles, yogurt containers, cardboard rolls and more. But if used wisely, they can serve as one of the best and cheapest frugal gardening ideas. Like, newspapers are the best weed barriers. You can use shredded paper at the bottom of the container to retain moisture. Bottles can be used to protect seedlings, and yogurt containers are good options for starting seeds. Even you can use cardboard rolls of toilet papers as cutworm collars.

10. Use Ornamental Grasses

If you are looking to add a modern look to your backyard, then you can add a combination of texture, and color to it. They can be an affordable and low maintenance option for your landscape. You can choose from Flax, feather reed grass, little bluestem, zoysia or fountain grass.

Wrapping the post

A backyard makeover can add value to your property. However, that doesn’t mean you need to break your bank. With plenty of planning and a bit of creativity, you can transform your boring backyard into the most happening part of your home.

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