MR16 LED Bulbs

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mr16 blubs

One of the most popular forms of LED lighting for multipurpose use is the MR16 LED bulbs.

These types of bulbs incorporate a bundle of LED’s in a compact form. They are unlike regular bulbs in that they require a two-socket fixture to be used.

Two-socket fixtures are seen in some ceiling fans, lamps, track lighting and other fixtures which use LED technology.

Their pure light can be used for ambiance, art gallery illumination, accents, displays, solar garden lights or retail lighting.

MR16 Led Bulbs Have Many Distinct Advantages Over Regular Incandescent or Even Halogen Bulbs

One of the most important is the efficiency and low power use of the bulb.

For example, a 3 watt MR16 can create light which is comparable to a 20-watt regular bulb, saving quite a bit of power. They have a lifespan which is around 5 times longer than halogen bulbs, with most running for around 40,000 hours before needing replacement.

Cost Reduction And Color Temperatures

This reduces the costs involved with buying new bulbs and reduces the hassle of frequent changes.

The MR16 LED bulb can emit an array of color temperatures but mostly comes in white. Pure white color is rated at 4000K color temperature. The intensity or brightness of the bulb is rated in lumens.

The higher the lumen rating, the more light each bulb will produce.

Even with dozens of small LED’s packed together, the bulb does not generate much heat, making them safe to operate near the ground in the presence of children and pets.

Shock Proof Bulbs For Safety Concerns

Also, they are completely shock proof and will not break even when dropped or handled roughly. The MR16 turns on near instantly and emits no UV or thermal radiation when on.

They are one of the safest types of bulbs around due to the fact that they will not burn your skin or emit harmful rays which can cause skin and eye damage.

As an added precaution, the MR16 LED bulb has a metal heat sink encasing it, allowing any excess heat to readily escape.

Choosing the right type of MR16 for the job involves looking at several features. For room lighting, dimmable MR16’s are available. They offer the ability to dim to any light level.

Angular Light

Also, the beam angle of the bulb is important to look at. Beam angles of 30 and 45 degrees are common. The angle defines how wide of a beam the LED produces.

A wide angle would be good for a ceiling fan or LED grow lights, while a low angle would be better for something like a display case.

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