Top 12 Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard, Front Yard & Garden

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The key to spectacular outdoor lights lies in the presentation. Every part of your outdoor space can be accented with lighting to produce an inviting and functional place to dwell.

Front entry and deck of a contemporary new home in Australia.

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Tips Before You Buy Landscape Lighting

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For those moving into a new home just looking to renovate an existing home, these are some landscape lighting ideas which can be incorporated into your front yard to enhance its appearance.

First and foremost, do a survey of the space and determine which kind of lighting will work best, either on its own or combined with another type.

These are some lighting ideas you can use:

Feature Lights

This kind of outdoor lighting works towards showing off and accentuating the plant life you have in your garden.

For example, you could place a spotlight at the foot of a large or tall tree to give it a mysterious and impressive glow or you could place small string lights in high branches to create an enchanting and magical look.

Safety Lights

When it comes to landscape lighting, you will find that this is the most common type used to provide both security and illumination for night time.

Safety lighting can be found on garages, driveways and even stairways at night.

These lights can be both functional and beautiful by, for example, placing floodlights in a tree right at the entrance to your home.

Path Lights

Of the many landscape lighting ideas, one of them is path lights which are used to illuminate walkways so you can protect plants and also prevent any accidents from happening.

For example, if you have a lawn which has beautiful grass and some flowers, you may want to keep guests and children from stepping on these by putting in some paver lights to illuminate the walkway and guide people on where to step.

More Tips

  • One very important tip to remember when searching for landscape lighting ideas is that less is more! Place a small number of lights in strategic positions to achieve the right effect rather than wasting on money and space with too many lights strewn all over.
  • Place your outdoor lighting in positions where it won’t be a hindrance to passers-by or a danger to playing children or pets.
  • Ensure you go for lighting which is weather resistant and can also withstand repeated human contact.
  • All outdoor lighting ideas you come up with should involve keeping wiring or electrical points covered to protect children and pets from accidents such as electrocution or strangulation.
  • Opt for solar powered lighting which is easy to install, safe for use around the home and very economical to use as it doesn’t generate electricity bills.

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An Australian older style Federation era house at night with the lights on. Built circa 1910 in Sydney, Australia.
Luxurious and modern house with swimming pool at night.
Luxurious house patio seating area seen illuminated at night.
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Picture of a modern hotel at the night time with beautiful garden on the front area.
Lighting plan in trees

Photo by Ilija Karlusic

Bright lights in an outdoor space

Photo by HEAD Productions

Solar lights in a garden after dark. Beet, campanula and pepper plants can be seen growing in the garden, and the wall in the background is lit orange in the fading light.
Illuminated home garden path patio lights in evening dusk.
Desert Pool


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