12 Fascinating Arizona Backyard Ideas for Your Garden

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When it comes to landscaping, the front yard becomes a point of focus for most homeowners because it is the first thing people will notice. However, doing so keeps the backyard completely neglected. But things don’t need to happen this way. There are many colorful and pretty ideas to decorate your backyard that will blow your mind.

We mean it literally! And you do not have to break a bank to get a manicured and well-arranged backyard. One of the most popular ideas nowadays people are adopting to upgrade their backyard is creating an Arizona garden. Also, if you live in an arid region, an Arizona backyard garden can breathe fresh air into your backyard.

Keeping this in mind, we are listing out some kickass Arizona backyard ideas that are so cool that you would want to try them at once. And yes, did we mention that these DIY ideas are light on the pocket?

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get our hands dirty with some amazing Arizona backyard ideas!

What is an Arizona Garden?

Here is a quick definition for those new to this term, “Arizona Garden.” 

Arizona is a hot and arid state in the United States. As a result, residents have a particular gardening style in which plants and other garden ornaments are used according to the local conditions. In today’s world, an Arizona backyard garden consists mostly of synthetic grass and plants that flourish in hot, desert-like settings, such as cactus and succulents. However, you do not need to stay in a hot climatic region to create your personal Arizona backyard.

12 Fascinating Arizona Backyard Garden Ideas to be Followed

There is no specific rule to follow while brainstorming creative Arizona backyard garden ideas. All you need is to tickle your creative nerves and follow your instincts.

Still, if you need a push to begin, here are 12 amazing Arizona backyard garden ideas that will surely impress every gardener.

#1. Go Cacti

Go Cacti
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Cacti are perhaps the happiest plants to grow in hot and arid climates. A type of succulent, cacti are hardy and can thrive in hot desert-like climates. So Arizona residents do not hesitate to grow them in their yards.

You can also plant different cacti in your Arizona-themed garden by taking inspiration from them. There are over 2000 species of cactus, so you would never run out of options. Another reason to go cacti is that these plants are pretty easy to maintain, need very littering water, and have lesser pruning. Hence, you can use cacti in your backyard and arrange or place them according to their size and shape.

With that, here are some popular options of cactus plants that you can choose from:

  • Echinopsis Cactus or the Hedgehog Cactus
  • Opuntia Cactus
  • Saguaro Cactus
  • Blue Columnar Cactus
  • Blue Flame Cactus
  • Claret Cup Cactus
  • Mexican Fence Post Cactus

Here, remember that some species of cactus plants also produce flowers that look amazing and can give your backyard a kick of popping color show.

#2. Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll
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Did we mention that Arizona gardens require low maintenance?

Yes, you heard it right. And one of the best ways to maintain this is by using rocks, stones, and pebbled in your garden. Rocks and pebbles play a crucial role in Arizona gardens because they are meant to be for high temperatures where it is difficult for grass to thrive (due to the lack of H2O). Furthermore, rocks and stones of different shapes and sizes are abundantly available in Arizona, and they do not require water to thrive.

Hence, you can collect pebbles or stones of different shapes and spread them over your backyard. You can also border along the walkways or sidewalks using colorful rounded pebbles.

If you are not comfortable collecting rocks, you can buy them online.

#3. So Synthetic

So Synthetic
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We have already mentioned that Arizona is a dry state, and growing and maintaining natural grass is not the best option there. Two main reasons behind this are water scarcity and the blazing hot climate. However, this should not stop you from giving a touch of greenery to your Arizona backyard.

Hear us out; use ARTIFICIAL TURF! Artificial grass or turf is easily available online nowadays. So you can choose your favorite grass type, purchase them and use them in your backyard. In fact, people in Arizona also use artificial grass to have a green yard or lawn.

There are multiple ways you can use artificial turf. However, we suggest you line your artificial grass lawn with cacti or palms plant. You can also make patterns with colorful pebbles. Finally, and most importantly, do not forget to install garden sculptures or a fountain to add a touch of refreshment. 

If you have a larger yard and kids at home, you can go a step ahead by installing a small hammock or swing or a slide at the corner of the yard.

#4. Mulching

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Mulching can be very handy when it comes to retaining moisture in your yard by reducing evaporation. Using mulch can also help reduce the watering need and eliminate the weeding issues.

Especially if you have grown plants other than cacti and succulents in your yard that are well-thrive in hot and dry climates, mulching can help flourish them better. There are a plethora of mulch options available on the market. Some of the easily accessible options are:

  • Natural compost
  • Woodchips
  • Straw or hay
  • Tree barks
  • Coffee grounds
  • Pecan shells
  • Crushed stone, pebbles, etc.

#5. Pretty Palms All the Way

Pretty Palms All the Way
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When looking for trees that do well in desserts, palm trees are predominant. So, if you want to give your Arizona backyard garden an exotic frame, go for pretty palms!

Palm trees are easy to grow, and they will happily survive in arid climates. You also do not need to water them regularly. In return, they will give your garden a great look and the much-needed shade on hot afternoons. And if you have a pool in your backyard, nothing can be better than planting some palm trees along its bank.

Another DIY project option is to combine palm plants and cobblestones. You may make your Arizona backyard garden a location where you wish to spend a lot of time with just palm and cobblestone. Trust us! These two landscaping items could make a big difference without being too much.

#6. An Oasis

An Oasis
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Your Arizona backyard would be incomplete without a seating arrangement. There are many options to choose from for creating an oasis in your otherwise hot and dry backyard.

One of our favorite ideas is to install a hammock between two palm trees. It will offer a great space to relax under the palm shade, read your favorite book or listen to your favorite tunes. Other than this, you can think of installing a garden bench or garden chairs and a center table where you and your loved ones can enjoy the sunset with a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of cola (on hot days)!

#7. Pergola and Patio

Pergola and Patio
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Constructing a pergola or gazebo can be expensive, but it is worth it. For example, building a gazebo can cost around $5500 to $6000, whereas a pergola would take $3000 to $3500 (approx).

A bigger garden shade can be cheaper than a pergola or a gazebo. You can arrange seating by placing chairs or benches and setting up an outdoor kitchen to have an outdoor snack party or dinner.

We would also suggest you plant a few succulents, cacti, or palms to accentuate the look of the whole arrangement.

#8. BBQ and Pizza Places

BBQ and Pizza Places
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Do you love outdoor BBQs? If yes, spending summer evenings with friends and BBQs could be a great option. And you can create your very own BBQ or pizza oven in your Arizona backyard garden. You can build a pergola and install a BBQ or pizza oven, a fridge, a sitting area, a counter, and a trash area to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Place some succulents grown in ceramic or wooden planters to accentuate the look. You can also create patterns with colored pebbles to add an edge.

#9. Fire Pits

Fire Pits
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Arizona evenings often get chilly in winter, making installing fire pits in the backyard popular. You can also follow this can create a separate fireplace where you can sit and enjoy some warmth in winter evenings. Finally, you can create your firepit. The crackling sound, the dancing flames, and endless conversation with your loved ones will surely make your evenings more special.

Depending on your preference and maintenance ability, you can choose fire pits that use wood, gel fuel, gasoline, etc.

#10. The Pool

The Pool
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Even though Arizona backyards are meant to suit the dry and desert climates, they should not stop you from enjoying a splash in the pool. A swimming pool is inevitable to gain some relief from dry and hot weather. However, remember that creating a pool in the backyard might pressure your pocket.

Depending on the type, a medium-sized pool might cost between $1500 and $3000. That said, we can assure you that this water feature will provide your backyard with an added edge. And if you can work on the lights surrounding the pool, nothing can be better than that. Also, planting a couple of palm trees and big cacti would add a rustic charm to your garden. A paved gravel walkway towards the pool, flanked with cacti, would also be eye-catching.

#11. Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights
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This feature can give a romantic vibe to the otherwise dry climate. You can hand a few strings of fairy lights near your seating arrangement or even on the walls of your pergola or gazebo to add a romantic flair to the whole arrangement.

#12. Keep it Minimal

Keep it Minimal
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Do not congest your Arizona backyard garden with too many plants and stones. A clean, manicured, and well-arranged backyard will look better. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can combine a little bit of every element. From cacti, pebbles, fireplace, pool, artificial turf to palm trees, use these items in a well-arranged way to create a backyard that your neighbors would envy!

The Do’s You Should Focus On

It is pretty easy to create an Arizona backyard garden plant. And trust us, this gardening idea consistently ranks high among home gardeners. However, if you could follow, a few things would give you the best result. So here are the do’s that you can follow while implementing the DIYs ideas.

Choose Native Plants

When choosing plants for your Arizona backyard garden, it is always preferable to choose native Arizona plants or the ones that thrive in dry and hot climates. That said, you can choose cacti, succulents, perennials, and vines for your garden. These plants need low maintenance and low watering.

Add Color

Don’t be afraid to add seasonal color to your garden. Since Arizona is a dry state, you should not think it is devoid of colors. Hence, you can choose cacti that bore colorful flowers, desert marigolds, etc.


Mulching is essential, as it can help in preventing excessive evaporation due to the hot climate. You can use stones, pebbles, hays, and straws, among other elements, to mulch your plants.

Take the assistance of Arizona Landscape Specialists.

If your yard size is huge and you feel overwhelmed to take up the whole DIY project, you should consult a specialist accustomed to Arizona landscaping. A professional can assist you in planning your whole project and guiding you to maintain your Arizona backyard garden.


Arizona backyards, if created properly, can change the entire face of your backyard. They can add color and texture to your whole property. So we hope you have liked our post on fascinating Arizona backyard garden ideas. It is not difficult, to begin with these DIY gardening ideas. All you need is some time and a creative mind to proceed. You can follow any of our ideas listed above or combine a few ideas to create your own. And if you do so, do not forget to share it with us. We would love to hear it. Until then, happy gardening to you!

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