What are Wind Spinners?

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What are Wind Spinners?

Wind spinners use the power of wind to create a moving piece of colorful art.

A wind spinner can come in several forms.

Many are made in the shape of animals or plants. Others are designed with “3D” functionality, consisting of multiple concentric rings which spin on the same axis.

Caring for Wind Spinners

Metal wind spinners are made of steel and need to be protected from water. To do this, manufacturers coat their spinners in protective and colorful paints.

The best wind spinner companies offer a warranty against the formation of rust, but you can take some extra steps to ensure long-term protection.

Wind spinners, especially plastic ones, should be coated in UV protector. UV protectors come in spray-on form and are designed to guard against degradation caused by sunlight exposure. After it is applied, you cannot tell that it is there.

Wind spinners spin on an axis or “swivel” which can seize up over time. If the unit is not spinning, the swivel has likely seized up. To remedy this, spray the swivel with some lubricant and spin it gently to loosen it up.

Hanging a Wind Spinner

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Thick string and twine should be avoided when hanging a spinner. Use fishing line for best results. The thin and light profile of fishing line offers minimal resistance and allows the spinner to turn even in the lightest of breezes. Look at the weight capacity of the line to ensure it can handle the weight of the spinner. Since fishing line is made of plastic, change the line out every year.

How to Make a Wind Spinner

There are some cool and cheap ways to manufacture your own wind spinner. It can be a fun project for kids and adults alike.

Plastic Plate Method

Take a plastic plate of any color and create a hole in the center using a hot glue gun. Press firmly and a hole will be melted through. Move the gun in a circular motion until the hole has been widened to a diameter of 2 inches.

Colors and patterns can be created using latex or acrylic paint and brushes. Follow up with a spray of UV protector for long lasting color.

Drill a hole along the edge to hang the spinner. The 2 inch hole in the center is designed to prevent the plate from swaying instead of spinning.

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Soda Bottle Method

Rinse out a 2-liter soda bottle and remove the labels.

Wrap colored electrical tape around the center of the bottle where the label used to be. Use a razor blade to create vertical slits around the whole bottle where the tape has been applied.

Press the top and bottom of the bottle at the same time, forcing the slits to flare outward. Pinch the center of each slit bar so that they stick out of the bottle permanently.

Drill a hole in the cap and hang outside.

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