20 Beautiful DIY Pallet Garden Ideas

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Want to bring your dull and gloomy garden back to life? Looking to spruce up your backyard and add some spice to its aesthetics? A pallet garden will be the perfect way to induce a captivating charm and amplify the visual appeal of your garden or your backyard.

Pallets are used widely for handling, storing, and moving things around. However, when employed in gardening, these wooden platforms serve a variety of purposes. They provide an ideal and compact space for the plants to grow and at the same time, are a great makeover.

We have collected 20 classic and visually enchanting DIY pallet garden ideas for you to get inspired from. You will definitely find something that fits your taste, preferences, and budget constraints. Get ready to come across 20 mind-blowing DIY pallet garden ideas!

1. DIY Hanging Pallet Garden

DIY Hanging Pallet Garden

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The point of creating and installing pallet gardens is to properly utilize the space available. So, doesn’t having a multi-level planter sound good? If you ask us, it definitely does, especially if it neatly organizes all of our pots!  

All you’ll need is a wooden pallet, pots (many of them), potting soil, a sturdy metal wire, some wood screws, and a screwdriver. The best part? There is ample room for customization. So, pull out the art supplies and put your creativity to good use!

Find the steps and instructions in the guide and have fun growing plants in this space-conscious DIY pallet garden!

2. DIY Pallet Raised Garden Bed

DIY Pallet Raised Garden Bed

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Want to build an easy raised garden bed with upcycled pallets? This design is best suited for backyard owners who want to de-clutter their garden. 

Gather all the material you need: the right pallet, burlap or landscape fabric, garden soil, compost, and your desired plants. Follow the steps mentioned in the guide above and you’ll have your garden refurbished!

Always look for the following marks on the wooden pallets before buying. They tell you how they were treated and therefore whether or not they are suitable for usage in your garden.

· HT (Heat Dried)

· DB (Debarked)

· KD (Kiln Dried)

3. DIY Wood Pallet Garden

DIY Wood Pallet Garden

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If you’ve been wanting to organize your garden, a collection of flat wooden pallets wouldwork wonders! This would help in weed control and allow you to identify your plants easily. 

Wood pallets, potting mix, seedlings (or plants), and a permanent marker are the primary materials needed to finish off this project. A salient feature of this DIY plan is that you can rotate the garden at the end of the growing season and move it to another location when the season is over.

Pro Tip: If you are unsure of the quality of the pallet, it would be best to only plant non-edible plants in the palette.               

4. DIY Shipping Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Shipping Pallet Herb Garden

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People who love artistic challenges should take up this fun project and spark their creativity! 

For this project, you will need a shipping pallet, some wood planks, wood screws, a drill, sandpaper, a roll of weed cloth, and a staple gun. After building the frame, you will need a potting mix and plants of your choice to finish creating your own pallet garden!

Watch the corresponding tutorial and throw in some of your personal touches! Also, make sure to space the plants evenly before planting. This would ensure enough space for all of them.

5. DIY Double Panel Pallet Garden Idea

DIY Double Panel Pallet Garden Idea

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Have plenty of unused wood at home? This is your chance to put it into use with this insanely innovative idea! 

You will require two pallets or a suitable unused wooden alternative, door hinges, a roll of landscape fabric, woodworking tools, and a staple gun. You might need wood stain for waterproofing and art supplies to decorate as well.

This will do a great job at helping your plants flourish. However, before planting, do consider the type and the size of the plants, and whether they will be able to grow properly in this system.

6. DIY Pallet Garden Beds

DIY Pallet Garden Beds

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How does having several pallet beds scattered around your garden sound? Probably unusual, but if you think about it, these actually work great at eliminating weeds and pests. Also called pallet collars, these are stackable and portable. 

You don’t need anything other than pallet collars, gardening tarp or plastic, newspaper, potting mix, and compost to build these pallet beds. With the necessary materials, you will find it easy to follow the steps in the above guide. Even amateur DIY gardeners would not face much difficulty in succeeding.

Remember that if you cannot find these pallet beds at your local home improvement store, one can always find them online. 

Don’t want your garden to go out of style? Look for more ideas for raised DIY garden beds here!

7. DIY Herb Pallet Garden 

DIY Herb Pallet Garden

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What do you think of this space-saving, yet artsy herb garden? If you’re someone wholikes to grow their own herbs, now you can do that with much more convenience. Just get the materials required and work in a step-by-step fashion.

Some supplies required other than the pallet, are a miter saw, nail gun (or traditional nails and a hammer), reciprocating saw, and your favorite herbs! To make the projecta visual treat, you can use chalkboard paint or any art supplies you love.

8. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden and Green Wall

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden and Green Wall

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Been wanting a green wall? Or looking for something to utilize the empty wall in the backyard? The search ends here! This vertical pallet garden will be the perfect addition for intermediate gardeners. 

You mainly need a pallet, a tape measure, a pair of scissors, plastic sheeting, drill, and vine eyes or hooks, etc. among other things. The crafter suggests planting a combination of herbs flowers, and vegetables like rosemary, pansy, courgettes, etc. to create a colorful display.

Remember the gaps between the slats have to be sealed thoroughly with plastic or gardening tarp to hold the potting soil and plants in place. If you can arrange the necessary equipment, then the visual and textual material in this guide will be enough to assist you in the creative process. 

9. DIY Pallet Planter

DIY Pallet Planter

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A change from the usual vertical or horizontal pallet gardens, this design makes use of boards from old pallets. One feature we loved the most is the fact that you can install metal wheels in this pallet planter and it’d be easy to move around!

Things you will need include palettes (yes, a few of them), a nail puller hammer, a jigsaw, screws, a mural stapler, a wire cutter, screws, a gardening tarp, and of course, the plants It would also be great to seek help with the woodwork for the planter.

A few handy tips of advice await you in this guide.

10. DIY Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Garden Planter

DIY Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Garden Planter

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If yours is a house with kids, this DIY plan would be great to take up as a fun weekend project. This eye-catching pallet garden would not only provide you a compact space to grow many flowers but would also freshenup the entire look of your garden.

All you need is a pallet, some drilling equipment, worm clamps (the round pieces to hold the pots), terra cotta pots, some flowers, and potting soil. Additionally, the crafter suggests the use of a heat-treated pallet, acrylic colors, and acrylic varnish to make sure that the pallet and the vibrant colors last long.

When you are done, consider leaning it against a wall or a deck.

11. DIY Vertical Flower Pallet Garden

DIY Vertical Flower Pallet Garden

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Don’t flowersjust ever-so-gracefully bring beauty in our lives? Want a flower corner in your house? Worry no more! Look into this guide and learn to assemble a pallet garden just for your favorite flowers.

You will need a firm pallet, wooden blocks (for extra support), woodworking tools, sandpaper, staple gun, and paints of your choice (to add that artistic element!). Build this pallet, plant your blooms, and watch them bloom in their utmost glory!

12. DIY Horizontal Pallet Garden

DIY Horizontal Pallet Garden

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Tired of pests and weeds in your garden? Pallet gardens are known to be an effective solution against any such hindrances to your plants’ growth. Hence, if you have a backyard spacious enough to fit a horizontal pallet garden,this is an option you should consider.

This is a simple, yet classic alternative to the traditional pits in a backyard garden. Set this pallet up with a few wooden planks or with a pallet. Afterward, plant the desired seedlings and you will be good to go! 

Pro Tip: Although onecan leave the pallet as it is, ifone has an aesthetic eye, they can always paint stencil gardening quotes, add geometric designs, and improvise as they please!

13. DIY Shelf-Style Vertical Pallet Garden 

DIY Shelf-Style Vertical Pallet Garden

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This is another one of those vertical pallets, but what makes it different is that it will need less than an hour to be ready for plantation. Further, you won’t need to lean it against a wall for support. 

The process begins with finding the right pallet, which should be safe for use in the garden. Then, you can customize the size of the pallet according to your preferences, and when it’s good enough, you can go ahead with the plantation. Isn’t it simple?

We suggest growing succulents or smaller plants in this DIY garden pallet plan, as there might not be enough soil to grow vegetables.

14. DIY Pallet Planter

DIY Pallet Planter

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This DIY planter has an effective and sturdy design that will allow you to grow as many plants as you want. You could customize to add some trinkets, charms, and hanging pots too. 

One budget-friendly feature is that it is made largely from upcycled material and it makes the use of a vertical fence (or a side wall) at the back and some window frames on the front. 

Read the included guide to know more. Check if you have similar materials for this project and get going. Don’t forget to add your personal touch to this idea and create something unique! 

How about having an organic garden of your own? Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts when preparing an organic garden here.

15. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden
Image: countryliving.com

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If you are a DIY gardener who enjoys veggies and herbs that come straight from the garden, this plan is the one for you. This DIY pallet garden can comfortably grow plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and herbs like chive, peppermint, parsley, basil, oregano, or even lemon balm!

So, get started! Find the right pallet, grow the seedlings, arrange the containers, nurture your plants and you would find joy in harvesting season.

This guide mentions all the necessary tools, step-by-step instructions, many helpful pointers, and things to look out for.

16. DIY Raised Wood Pallet Garden Bed

DIY Raised Wood Pallet Garden Bed

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Are you a beginner at gardening? Or are you just sick of seeing weeds growing all over the garden? This pallet garden would simplify gardening and help in weed control.

Arrange an old pallet, a roll or two of garden fabric, a staple gun, staples, potting soil, and some plants for planting, and you are good to go! Read this accompanying guide to build a pallet garden on your own and also, find some valuable suggestions. 

17. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

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Nothing beats a pallet garden stocked with lush winter greens and herbs! This suggestion is the best idea for you if you have been looking for a design that would be easy to assemble and monitor.

It will not cost you a fortune and will only require some pallets, a few bags of high-quality potting soil, a roll of weed cloth, sandpaper, and a stapler. 

Pro Tip: If you plan to prop this pallet garden against a wall, it would be a nice idea to buy mounting brackets for each corner of the pallet.

18. Vertical Herb Garden from a Pallet

Vertical Herb Garden from a Pallet

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Can’t find a suitable pallet design? Have no choice but to re-create one from scratch? This design is perfect for you. You might need some woodworking skills to get this done and even if you’re a newbie, the laid down step-by-step guide will be of great help!

This herb garden’s best feature? It’s freestanding, which means you won’t have to lean it up against a wall. Additionally, the shelves lean back slightly to prevent the accumulation of water. The labels also are a great finishing touch

A wood frame, wood boards, some woodworking equipment, and some additional stuff to decorate your herb garden would suffice.

If you are interested in taking up this project, here is a list of must-have garden maintenance tools for every DIY gardener. 

19. DIY Salvage Wood Pallet Garden

DIY Salvage Wood Pallet Garden

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For gardeners who are on a budget, but still want a makeover for theirbackyard, this DIY project is our pick for you.Mainly because it doesn’t occupy plenty of space and is portable too.

You will need to gather the materials and tools required – shipping pallets (heat-treated and good quality), topsoil, landscape fabric, nails, screws, hammer, garden trowel, etc. Follow the steps in the accompanying guide and have fun working on this project.

Don’t forget to look for the HT stamp on the wood to ensure high-quality wood.

20. DIY Pallet Garden (Extra Affordable!)

DIY Pallet Garden

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Hate to deal with the mess of DIY projects? Want an easy and cheap solution? This pallet garden design will cater to all of your needs and at the same time, will add plenty of growing space.

Investing in a pallet garden like this one will be worthwhile because you can find all the materials required for around 30 dollars. How does that sound? Great, right?

You will need an old pallet, a roll of burlap sheeting, staples, spray painting cans, and some basic tools lying around the house like a pair of scissors and a hammer. Also, get some seedlings to plant.


Who could have imagined that pallets used for shipping would become such a huge trend? Well, it’s not that hard to decipher that it’s because wooden palletsoffer such a convenient method of gardening. They require no to less assembly, organize a garden, and also let the plants bloom beautifully.

We hope you could find inspiration in these ideas and you will tap the immense potential of wooden pallets in gardening.

Here’s an added bonus, learn what herbs can you plant together, also known as companion planting.

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