Easy Ways to Recreate your Pergola

Pergola is one of the most frequented parts of the house if the homeowners love to entertain guests. Don’t get confused when you read ‘part of the house’ as associated with the pergola because technically, it is still indeed, part of the house, though just the backyard part of it. If you have a pergola, […]

Kiddie Pools: Keeping them Clean and Safe

Most Important Tips for owners of Plastic Kiddie Pools Youngsters who are too young to safely swim in a full sized pool can still enjoy water in a hard plastic pool. These small pools are lightweight, portable and have a depth of less than 1 foot. Some models have built-in slides for added fun. Learn […]

Companion Planting Chart (Guide)

Companion planting is the art of arranging your garden so that your plants are happier, healthier, and supportive of one another. Strange as it may seem, plants are very much like people. Certain varieties of plants get on very well with some others, while others can’t thrive if they’re planted next to each other. Companion […]

57 Garden Tools – The Complete List

Good tools are like keys; they unlock the secrets of your garden; take you through the gateways of success and allow you to turn your garden, however big or small, into something truly beautiful. Good gardening tools are the medium by which the imaginations of the heart become a stunning reality. A gardener without tools […]