How to Replace Outdoor Ceiling Fans

  6 Easy Steps to Replace an Outdoor Ceiling Fan Step 1: Selecting an Outdoor Ceiling Fan You can never be absolutely sure if a ceiling fan is rated for outdoor use unless the box says so. Always look for an “outdoor rated” or “indoor/outdoor” rated label in the product […]

Coolaroo Shades

  Cooling a patio does not get any easier than using Coolaroo shades. Widely considered to be the “Cadillac” of outdoor shading, Coolaroo produces only the best in shading. Their fabrics are unlike any other on the market and are crafted into various shade styles. You can even buy their […]

Outdoor Shading with Cantilever Umbrellas

  When it comes to outdoor shading, cantilever umbrellas are some of the best products around. These umbrellas are designed to shade a specific area of the yard such as a dining set or pool side. Depending on the quality and canopy material, they can reduce outdoor temperatures by up […]