Awesome Glass Bricks Ideas to Love

One reason why the glass bricks are popular fixtures in the backyard is that they make that space outdoors look big and spacious. Putting some glass blocks on the floor and even walls, if there are walls in the backyard, is indeed, the solution to small yards. According to garden […]

Shade Cloth to Have for Yard, Garden, and Outdoor Living

Do you know how important a shade cloth is in your yard, garden and outside your home? If you do, it’s either, you already have one protecting your plants, flowers and all the things around you, or, you are already planning to put some shade outdoors using a cloth. There […]

20 Outstanding Fairy Tale Ideas For Your Garden

Do you have children, or have you always loved the whimsical nature of fairy tales? Then you might want to create a small, fairy-like place in your own garden. Simply find a bird bath or pot and create a garden in miniature! Bonsai, mosses and small pebbles can be used to create a tiny, ethereal world to add a touch of magic to your backyard. Inspiration awaits!

20 Beautiful Ideas With Garden Mosaics

Mosaic tile can add a splash of color and pattern to a garden in an instant. Large urns, low benches, pathways and walls can easily be brightened with mosaics and become a beautiful feature to draw the eye. For inspiration on how to achieve this in your garden, click through the gallery to browse mosaic ideas like you’ve never seen before!