9 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2023

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Aside from a Christmas tree, outdoor lighting is one of the staples of Christmas decorating and lets you share your festive spirit with the whole neighborhood! Outdoor Christmas lights ideas also provide the perfect opportunity for endless possibilities and inexpensive decorating.

Adorn trees with hundreds of fairy lights, hang snowflake-shaped lights from branches or create unique features with string lights.

There really are no limits to what you can create – see for yourself with this selection of incredible Christmas lighting inspiration.

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

No matter the type of design you’re looking for, our comprehensive list has you covered. Choose the accessories you prefer and discover how lighting can impact the appearance of your home.

Solar String Lights• 30 LED globe lights
• weather-resistant

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Fairy String Lights• Multicolor Appearance
• 200 LED lights

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Waterproof Outdoor String Lights• waterproof
• WeatherTite Technology
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Chuzzle Ball Solar Lights• Bright LEDs
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Snowflake String Light• Build-in timer and remote control
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Solar Rope Lights• Solar Powered
• flexible material

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Icicle Solar String Lights• Easy Installation and Operation
• Energy Saving and Eco Friendly

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Outdoor Wire Lights• Easy to Use & Waterproof
• Flexible

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Curtain Icicle Lights• Timer & Easy to Operated
• Waterproof

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#1. Solar String Lights

15 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2019
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These solar string lights are an ideal option for adding light to your deck, patio and other outside space. The globe string lights emit a soft glow that’s ideal for relaxing under the moon. These lights are weather-resistant and can withstand snowy conditions or water.

You can also use the lights indoors to lend some decoration opportunities in places with natural light. Each 19.7 feet rope comes with 30 LED globe lights. You can also cover a big space since the ropes are inexpensive. Another good thing about these lights is that you can hang them up throughout the year.

#2. Fairy String Lights

15 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2019
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Add some multicolors to your outdoor decor using these LED fairy lights.

The multicolor appearance will add a holiday flair to your Christmas accessories and your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Each of the 72 feet rope includes 200 LED lights for illuminating your patio, yard, and other outdoor space. 

One remarkable thing about these lights is their long lighting time of more than eight hours even when it is raining.

This type of lighting provides several settings including twinkle. This will enable you to have total control over the kind of mood you would like to set.

#3. Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

15 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2019
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These waterproof outdoor string lights from Brightech Ambience Pro are unique and quickly becoming a favorite in lighting home decor. 

This brand is also a favorite among customers due to its reputation for durability. 

The industrial look of the bulbs and the hanging socket enables you to give a contemporary feel to your Christmas yard decoration.

The commercial grade lights can last you throughout the entire year and also during the Christmas holiday season.

The lights are designed to be installed easily and quickly and to be arranged in different ways.

Each socket has a loop to enable you to fix it in a way you like. Get creative this Christmas season by layering these adorable lights to create a chandelier appearance. 

#4. Chuzzle Ball Solar Lights

15 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2019
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Make your house stand out in your neighborhood this holiday season using these chuzzle ball solar lights. There’s no fuss involved. The multicolor fairy lights will turn on at night automatically after charging during the day in the sun. 

Their textured ball design also adds a colorful holiday atmosphere to your patio, garden, and home.

Each strand has 50 chuzzle balls in different colors of purple, yellow, red and blue. You can also place the solar panel by your window and use the lights indoors.

#5. Snowflake String Light

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The battery-operated snowflake lights offer ambient lighting. Each snowflake twinkles in the LED light and features detailed design. Each of the 20 feet strands includes 40 plastic snowflakes.  

One great thing about these dazzling lights is the bendable wire that enables you to arrange the lights in any shapes or patterns you desire. The small bulbs let off enough light to create a magical look for your outdoor space.

Additionally, you can decorate more space on a budget since these lights are very pocket-friendly.

#6. Solar Rope Lights

15 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for 2019
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Rope lights are an ideal decorative lighting choice due to their soft white light.

You can also use the lights at any time of the year to light up your home.

The solar-charged lights can also be used to trim an area. For instance, you can trim the edges of your lawn or roof.

You can also use the water-resistant lights to wrap fences and pillars or accent any decorations.

The lights can shape and bend to fit any decoration ideas you may be planning to try out because they are made of flexible material.

Installing the lights is a breeze since you only need some mounting clips. The rope lights come with a one-year warranty and are cost-effective.

#7. Icicle Solar String Lights

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We like the snowflake solar lights, but these icicle lights look stunning. Each 9.8 feet rope comes with 30 lightbulbs to enable you to create a winter scene that doesn’t have the snowstorm.

Each teardrop-shaped bulb emits an eye-catching ice blue light to add glamour to your outdoor Christmas decorations.

To enjoy an entire night of light, let your solar panel charge for a maximum of 8 hours in the sun. 

Apart from the traditional blue light, the icicle solar lights are also available in other different colors including warm white, multicolor, purple and white.

With a wide range of color options to choose from, you can make a rainbow of icicles. An ideal place to put these lights would be around a patio roof or gazebo. 

#8. Outdoor Wire Lights

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Add some rustic charm to your outdoor decor using these flexible wire lights.

These lights may look delicate however they are water-proof and long-lasting. The lights are also available in different colors such as cool white and warm white.

You can use these string lights for holiday decoration, or for a romantic and cozy vibe.

These lights have 8 mods, so they will twiknle in many ways!

#9. Curtain Icicle Lights

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This curtain icicle lights offer endless decorating options.

You can use the LED lights curtain as an entryway decoration, festive wall or elegant backdrop. They are an ideal lighting accessory for cold climates because they are designed to be freezeproof. 

The curtain features eight different settings like twinkle, chasing, and wave sequences. It’s worth mentioning that the superbright light will allow you to party late at night.

These lights are what you need regardless of whether you’re decorating for a Christmas holiday, dance party or winter wedding.

Showing Off Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

No matter the look you desire to achieve with your Christmas yard decorations, lighting accessories provide an effortless and inexpensive touch to holidays.

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