Lawn Rake Types

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The lawn rake is an essential yard tool, picking up leaves and debris from lawns, dirt and rocks. Most people picture a lawn rake in its simplest form, but there are so many varieties of rakes on the market.

The basic lawn rake is made from a metal or plastic working end with a series of tines, and a long handle. The tines are designed to skim over surfaces while removing loose matter like leaves and dead grass.

Designs range from simple hand tools to electric lawn rakes. Let’s take a closer look at the many lawn rakes on the market today:

Lawn Rake Types
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Clog-Free Lawn Rake

A clog-free rake looks quite similar to a standard one except for one difference. These rakes have special tines which prevent leaves from sticking to them.

The tines are sharper and wider at the openings, providing no place for leaves to stick. If you are tired of pulling leaves out of your rake between uses, then this type of rake is for you.

Lawn Rake Types

Other than the special tines, it operates just like a standard rake.

Adjustable Rake

A new twist on the classic yard rake, the adjustable rake allows user to fine-tune their raking experience. Different situations in the yard require different approaches.

You can adjust the tines on these rakes to different widths. For example, while raking in decorative gravel, you might want to set the tines to a thin width for delicate work. Raking in a grassy yard would require a larger tine width.

Lawn Rake Types
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Adjustable rakes eliminate the need for owning a small and large rake. You can make the rake small and precise for working in gardens and flower beds, or larger to rake up lots of leaves in a large yard.

To adjust, simply pull or push the handle to retract the tines.

A locking handle keeps the rake in the same position while you work.

Leaf Rake

Leaf lawn rakes are designed with a specific purpose- to pick up leaves. You will notice that the tines are sharply angled at the end.

This is to form a scoop shape that gathers up leaves during each pull. Without this essential curvature, the rake would simply slide past the leaves, leaving them on the ground.

Lawn Rake Types
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The tines are made from flexible steel or aluminum so that the rake will force itself into tiny grooves.

When pressure is applied against the ground, each tine finds the lowest point on the surface, grabbing leaves no matter where they reside.

Landscape Rake

The landscape lawn rake is designed for professionals and homeowners who demand the highest quality. Landscape rakes have a flat, razor-like working end that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including rock and green grass.

The tines are thin yet smooth to prevent gouging the ground.

Lawn Rake Types
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Gouging can be a common issue with some types of rakes. A neck brace holds the working end in place and is usually bolted in. Landscape rakes help maintain yards with intricate decor and plants.

The flat surface make it great for leveling and smoothing rock.

Electric Lawn Rake

Perhaps the most elaborate lawn rake type on the market, electric lawn rakes are designed for the biggest jobs.

Electric lawn rakes are used similarly to a lawnmower, except that they pick up leaves and debris instead of cut grass. Special blades rotate to remove thatch and weeds to promote a healthy lawn.

They are more proactive than hand rakes, cutting into the lawn vertically to remove anything that isn’t grass.

Lawn Rake Types
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The cutting action will generate thin lines across its path which will quickly grow back and are hardly noticeable.

Debris is collected in a rear bag which can be easily disposed of.

Power is provided by an electric cord.


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