John Deere X330 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs

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John Deere is a famous tractor and lawnmower company. It is one of the leading producers of agriculture and forest machinery. The tractors and lawnmowers of this company have played a major role in revolutionizing the home gardening and landscaping scenario.

The John Deere X330 Lawn Tractor is one of the company’s leading riding lawn tractors, which is a perfect choice to mow 1-2 acres of land. It is a compact lawn tractor packed with powerful features and several attachment options.

John Deere X330 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs
Image Credit: John Deere X330 lawn tractor from John Deere

John Deere X330 Specs

Here, we will discuss the specs of this lawn tractor to make it easier for you to get a better understanding of the machine. After reading our article, it will be easier to analyze if the John Deere X330 lawn tractor is perfect for your gardening tasks.

General Specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ Model 44J6 Cyclonic
Engine Power (Gross) 22 hp or 16.4 kW
Type Lawn tractor
Power take-off (PTO) Mid-PTO independent
Clutch Electric
Length (overall) 72 inches or 182 cm
Weight 463 lbs or 210 kg
Wheel Base 49.4 inches or 125 cm
Choke/speed control Separate levers, automatic choke return
Lawn/turf front 15×6.00-6
Lawn/turf rear 20×10.00-8
Engine Manufacturer/ model Briggs & Stratton 44J6 Cyclonic
Engine type Overhead valve, full-pressure lube, oil filter
Cylinders V-twin, cast-iron liners
No. of cylinders 2
Bore and stroke 3.12×2.89 inches/ 79 x 73 mm
Displacement44.2 cubic inches or 724 cubic cm
Starter Electric
Cooling System Air
Air Cleaner Dry, replaceable
Lubrication Full-pressure, full-flow filtration with bypass; micronic paper element
Fuel tank capacity 3.3 U.S. gallon or 12.5 L
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel tank location Rear
Electrical System
Battery 12 V or 340 CCA
Ground Negative
Charging system Flywheel alternator, regulated, 14 amp
Engine starters Bendix type
Charging amps 14
Backup lights No
Rear work lights No
12-V outlet Optional
Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Brakes Internal wet disc
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Steering type Manual, sector, and pinion
Oil filter Internal, non-replacable
Cruise Control Yes, the button on the dash
Control Twin Touch pedals
Forward speed 0-5.5 mph or 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse speed 0-4 mph or 0-6.4 km/h
Type 4X2 (2WD)
Frame Welded heavy-duty
Front axle Cast iron front axle, front-wheel ball bearings
Receiver hitch No
Storage facility Yes, under-seat and covered toolbox
Cupholder Yes
Mounting equipment Yes, heavy-duty
Type Manual, sector, and pinion
Tilt steering type No
Four-wheel steer Not available on this model
Attachments (optional)
Mower deck Standard mower, 42 inches
Snowblower Two-stage snowblower, 44 inches or 111.8 cm
Mulching system Yes, MulchControl™
Spreader Tow-behind, 125 lb
Tow-behind, 175 lb
Mounted 125 lb
Sprayer Tow-behind, 15 U.S. gal.
Tow-behind, 25 U.S. gal.
Mounted, 25 U.S. gal
Rear baggage 2-bag with 7 bu (247 L) capacity
Weather protection Weather enclosure
Bucket holder Yes, double bucket
Grass striping Lawn striping kit
Type Riding lawnmower tractor
Manufacturer John Deere
Manufacturing location Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Original price USD $2,999.00 Approx.
US Warranty 4 year/300 hours bumper-to-bumper

Main Features of X330 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere X330 belongs to the brand’s X300 Series and is efficient in undertaking high-quality mowing and cutting tasks. Because of its easy maneuverability and diverse controls, this lawn tractor is best known for navigating around even the toughest obstacles on the land and carrying out its tasks with precision.

The X330 is unquestionably one of John Deere’s most popular riding lawn tractors. It contains several interesting features that are worth checking out. As a result, we have detailed information, attributes, pros and cons, and pricing for you to learn more about this machine.

Read this article to learn more about the John Deere X330 Lawn Tractor.

#1. Physical Specifications

Physical Specifications
Image Credit: The John Deere X330 is a stylish lawn tractor from Pinterest

To start with, let us focus on the physical specifications of this tractor.

This tractor adorns the look of the famous John Deere branded tractors. It is compact, colored in yellow and green, and is suitable for blogger lawns that need a powerful mowing machine. X330 weighs 463 lbs or 210 kg and comes in 72 inches.

It has a wheelbase of 49.4 inches, which is great for convenient maneuverability and sharp cut. Additionally, it consumes 22 hp of gross energy, suitable for medium to big lawns. And in terms of appearance, the X330 tractor sports a modern appearance with a smooth and curved body. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant and durable shell ensure maximum longevity.

#2. Engines

It is powerful enough to mow through even the toughest corners of your lawn for a continuous time with utmost smoothness.

The Briggs & Stratton 44J6 Cyclonic engine powers the John Deere X330 riding mower. This engine can deliver the correct amount of power and torque to assist this lawn tractor in various tasks. The v-twin cylindrical engine boosts torque while lowering friction. As a result, the rider can operate for an extended period without becoming weary.

Another bonus is that the tractor’s engine does not make a distracting noise while operating. Additionally, the Cyclonic Air-Management System aids in the removal of the debris before it reaches the cleaner.

You can be assured of the durability of the X330’s engine because of the protection provided by the cast-iron sleeves.

#3. Electric Start

With the John Deere X330 tractor, you don’t need to worry about the engine start, thanks to its electric start facility. It comes with a 12 V 300 CCA battery and a 14 amp Bendix-type engine starter.

The electric start feature allows customers to start the tractor without accelerating. This isn’t the only advantage; you can start this tractor without difficulty in sub-zero temperatures, where manually starting may be difficult.

#4. Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank
Image Credit: The fuel tank from Pinterest

This tractor’s fuel tank is positioned at the rear side, with the mouth conveniently accessible from beneath the seat. It has a 3.3-gallon capacity, which is sufficient to mow, chop, or mulch a lawn without difficulty, and it will last at least three times on a regular medium-sized lawn. It also included a safety lid with the tank, which prevents any fuel vapors from escaping.

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#5. Transmission and Chassis

The Tuff-Torq K46 hydrostatic transmission in the X330 includes a non-accessible internal oil filter that is appropriate for intensive landscaping jobs. This tractor has a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission, which allows the rider to utilize it for extended periods. Riders may also take complete control of the tractor thanks to the disc braking system and manual steering. Furthermore, the pinion steering mechanism allows for precise steering even when making a sharp turn.

#6. Frame

Because of its improved protection and durability, the X330 frame is quite popular among customers. The tractor’s frame is made of high-quality 9-inch gauge steel, which allows it to absorb sudden external shocks without injuring any internal parts. Moreover, the frame is dependable, but it can also do heavy land duties for professional and home gardeners.

#7. Cut Quality

Cut Quality
Image Credit: X330 makes cutting smooth and even from Pinterest

This tractor’s cut quality is something that deserves special attention. With this tractor, it is possible to get exact cuts every time, thanks to the smooth and vibration-free operation. The X330 features a 42-inch ‘accel deep’ mower deck that assures fast and precise mowing. Riders will also never complain about issues such as inconsistent mowing or yard damage. Furthermore, the deck’s molded and flat-top design ensures even cuts in only one pass over the ground.

#8. Steering

Image Credit: X330 steering from Pinterest

‘Low effort steering’ is something that X330 offers to its customers, and it is the 14″ diameter of the wheel that makes it possible. A bigger diameter aids in mowing a broader area in a shorter time while reducing steering effort.

The steering wheel’s extra-wide 16-inch turning radius is helpful for smooth navigation. Riders can easily steer the lawn tractor throughout the lawn, even in the narrowest of spaces and curves.

#9. Attachments

Image Credit: The X330 attachments from Pinterest

For convenience, most lawn tractor companies offer separate attachments that can be added to the tractor or mower. John Deere also follows this principle, and with X330, you will get the option to attach several additional types of equipment. The attachments will help you in mowing tasks along with carrying out mulching, spraying, snow blowing, etc.

The following attachment options you will get with the John Deere X330 lawn tractor:

#10. Warranty

You can rely on all John Deere goods to come with extended warranties. The X330 is covered by a bumper-to-bumper warranty for four years or 200 hours (whichever comes first).

Pros and Cons of John Deere X330 Tractor

If you’ve read through the entire article and are looking for a summary of the advantages and pitfalls of purchasing the X330 lawn tractor, here’s a handy list:


  • Powerful engine
  • Great for mowing mid to large-sized lawns
  • Ease of use
  • Larger fuel tank capacity
  • Reduced noise production
  • Smoother operation
  • Stylish outlook
  • Comes with the John Deere warranty
  • Even lawn mowing
  • Easy navigation
  • Comfortable seating
  • Reliable home as well as commercial lawn tractor
  • 14” wheelbase
  • Rustproof body
  • Cyclonic Air-Management System
  • Electric start


  • The engine might get overheated after a few hours of usage


The John Deere X330 is an excellent choice for landscapers searching for a compact, highly efficient, sturdy, and easy-to-control mowing tractor. It goes without saying that John Deere is a well-known tractor manufacturer, and the X330 embodies the brand’s commitment to providing users with the greatest lawn tractor possible.

We hope that this post has aided you in learning more about the X330’s features and specifications. And if you have used this product, don’t forget to leave your feedback.

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