John Deere LA125: Features and Specs (Review, 2023)

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John Deere is a company that manufactures tractors; it is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world. John Deere manufactures tractors built with sheer quality and durability.

If you are an agricultural lover, you will definitely want one in your garage. John Deere LA125 is one of the most desired lawn and garden tractors in the United States.

What makes a John Deere LA125 special is the engine it uses. It uses a four-stroke, single-cylinder gasoline engine, which can generate an output of up to 21 horsepower.

John Deere LA125 hails from the LA105 series of the company. It was one of the most economical lawn and garden tractors of John Deere, with an original price of $1,799 in 2010.

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In this article, you will get the latest 2023 review of the John Deere LA125 lawn tractor, along with all its features and specifications and the advantages and disadvantages of having this at home.

About John Deere LA125

John Deere LA 125
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John Deere LA125 is a lawn tractor known for its quality and durability. The manufacturing of this John Deere model started in the year 2008 in the company’s manufacturing unit in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA. The last tractor of this model was manufactured in the year 2010.

When it was launched, it got very popular amongst tractor enthusiasts and was sold handsomely. The reason being the features it provided. It was equipped with all the latest safety features and additional technologies of that time.

John Deere is known to provide trend-setting features in their latest launched vehicles, which attract different sets of customers every time they introduce a new model.

John Deere designs its tractors in such a way that different attachments are easily installed in its automobiles, which enables people of different requirements to equip their vehicles accordingly. John Deere LA125 is no exception and is compatible with various different attachments.

One thing that keeps most people from buying John Deere tractors is its cost. It is known to be generally expensive, but this specific model was not very expensive when compared with other John Deere models.

The original pricing was just around $1,799 in 2010. It provides a manual steering system and an open operator station for its operations.

LA125 serial numbers during the different manufacturing years were:

  • 2008: 050001
  • 2009: 200001
  • 2010: 300001

In this model, the serial number decal is located under the left-rear fender of the tractor.

Specs of John Deere LA125

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere LA125
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeLawn tractor
SeriesLA105 Series
Length (overall)68.75 inches
Weight450 lbs
Wheel Base48.9 inches
Width51.75 inches (with mower deck)
Height44.5 inches
Lawn/turf front (ag)15x6.00-6
Lawn/turf rear (ag)20x8.0-8
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelBriggs & Stratton 33
Engine type air-cooled 540 cc
Engine Power (Gross)21 hp
No. of cylinders1
Bore and stroke3.70x3.06 inches
Displacement540 cc
PTO (claimed)N/A
Compression ratioN/A
StarterElectric starter
Starter volt12
Cooling SystemN/A
Rated RPMN/A
Operating RPMN/A
Fuel typeGasoline
Air cleanerN/A
Fuel systemN/A
Fuel tank capacity15.1 L (4 US gal.)
Electrical :
Charging systemN/A
Charging ampN/A
Battery CCAN/A
Engine RPMN/A
Engine RPMN/A
Transmission & Chassis:
Typebelt-driven hydrostatic
Oil Capacity1.5 qts
Coolant capacityN/A
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse
Cruise controlN/A
Steering typeN/A
Differential lockN/A
Operator systemN/A
Chassis4×2 (2WD)
SpeedForward: up to 8.9 kmh (5.5 mph)
Reverse: up to 5.2 kmh (3.2 mph)
Rear valvesN/A
Mid valvesN/A
Total flowN/A
Tractor Hitch:
Rear typeN/A
Attachments (optional):
Mower deckN/A
Manufacturing locationGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Production years2008 - 2010

Features of John Deere LA125

One big reason why John Deere tractors are so popular is that they prioritize customer satisfaction and make vehicles of the highest quality, which is durable.

John Deere has been manufacturing tractors for a long time, and it helped the company to evolve and lay out a design with the simplest yet powerful user interface, which can be clearly seen in John Deere’s LA125 design and operations.

The John Deere LA125 offers effortless transmission to its consumers and offers a manual steering wheel and mechanical disc brakes. It has an open operator station with an option for seat adjustment.

The engine in John Deere LA125 is very powerful. It uses an air-cooled single-cylinder, four-stroke Briggs & Stratton 33 gasoline engine. This engine can generate an output power of 17hp at 3600 rpm.

It has a cup holder at the operator’s station and offers an additional optional nylon canopy, a unique feature.

John Deere LA125 provides the liberty to use different attachments like a mower deck, snowblower, or 46-inch blade to suit your lawn work and increase productivity.

It bears a belt-driven hydrostatic gear transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears. It enables different levels of drivers to operate this lawn tractor easily.

1. Engine

John Deere LA125 uses an engine made by Briggs and Stratton, one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the United States. Briggs and Stratton collaborated with John Deere with the goal of ensuring quality in their gasoline engines, and they are certainly living up to the word.

John Deere LA125 uses a Briggs & Stratton 33 air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine that generates 21.0 HP (15.7 kW) at 3,600 rpm of horsepower.

Briggs & Stratton uses premium oil and fuel filters in their engines, which makes it the best choice for John Deere tractors, making the vehicle low maintenance and durable.

2. Transmission

John Deere LA125 comes with a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears.

When it was launched in 2008, John Deere LA125 had all the latest technology and safety features of the time.

It offers easy and simple transmission control for smooth operations with colored gearing controls.

It can speed up to 8.9 kmh or 5.5 mph in forward gears and 5.2 kmh or 3.2 mph in reverse gears.

3. Chassis

The chassis of the John Deere LA125 offers an open operator station. It has a 4×2 two-wheel driving convenience with a manual steering wheel.

The operator gets an adjustable seat (10 position, 5.5-inch travel ) and an optional nylon canopy. It is equipped with a disc braking system.

4. Attachments

Many people opt for John Deere tractors because they allow the addition of various tools and equipment easily according to an individual’s usage.

This is one of the major features of John Deere, which sets it apart from other brands.

John Deere LA125 tractors allow operators to externally add various kinds of attachments like mower decks, blades, cup holders, or any such additions as per an individual requirement.

Some of the attachments that are compatible with John Deere LA125 are:

It allows 42 inches or 1060-mm mower deck to be effortlessly added with John Deere LA125. Its total width is 53 inches or 1320 mm; it has 2 blades with mechanical lift and a cut height of 1 to 4 inches or 25 to 102 mm. Its spindle material is made up of aluminum and belt deck drive, which makes the tractor even more effective.

It also allows John Deere 46 inches or 1160 mm front-mounted blade with mechanical lift and manual angle. It has a lift height of 6 inches or 150 mm, increasing its productivity.

Snowblower is a must-have attachment, especially if you are living around snow-falling regions of the country; a John Deere 44 inches or 1090 mm, front-mount, two-stage snowblower with mechanical lift can be installed to increase John Deere LA125 versatility in operations.

Pros and Cons of John Deere LA125 Tractor

There are some benefits for every product you buy, and there are some disadvantages to bringing it home. It is essential to know about the product’s advantages and disadvantages to decide whether it will fulfill your needs.


Quality and Durability

One thing that is mentioned a lot many times in this article is the manufacturing quality of John Deere products. It is hailed by many automobile experts, and critics say that the John Deere LA125 is no exception.

John Deere LA125 was launched more than 15 years back, and the customer support team of the company didn’t have a lot of queries to solve as there were hardly any major complaints about this model. Just some regular maintenance work, and the tractor will stay as long as you want.


John Deere has completed making the five millionth lawn and garden tractor, and right from the first vehicle launched, they made it very clear that its tractor will be very easy to operate.

It provides a very user-friendly approach to its consumers, and people with no knowledge of typical gearing and operational systems can also operate this model of John Deere.

The infinite forwards and reverse gears and easy-to-reach controls make it very effortless for any level of the operator to operate the John Deere LA125.

Not to forget the adjustable seating and optional nylon canopy this model provides, which enables operators to use the vehicle for a longer time without much trouble.

Effective Engine

The engine of this model is very powerful, manufactured by Briggs and Stratton, which makes their engine with premium oil and fuel filters, ensuring longevity of the engine.

It is a good tractor to perform moderate load works, including mowing and a bit of load carrying. It can perform lawn duties in hard, rough terrains without many issues.

Attachments Availability

The attachments compatible with John Deere LA125 are a good choice to have. The market availability of John Deere products is no issue; every online market is filled with its attachments. This increases the overall value and productivity of the John Deere LA125.



One factor of John Deere, which is somewhat criticized, is the pollution it causes; the smoke that comes out of it is sometimes intolerable. The noise is also one issue with this model.


Although the quality of the product is very good, it requires regular maintenance, and that too by a professional, making it a tricky job. The components of the John Deere tractors are often very expensive, making maintenance an expensive task.


The John Deere LA125 is somewhat economical and is one of the cheapest models of John Deere lawn and garden tractors.

The important question now arises is about the pricing of John Deere LA125. Its original price in the year 2010 was around $1,799.

The price has been reduced now as it’s been a lot of years since its production, and the pricing now is approximately $400 to $500, depending on the condition, usage, and attachments provided.


What kind of oil does a John Deere LA125 take?

Every John Deere lawn mower that has a gasoline engine takes 10W30 oil.

How do we know the production year of John Deere LA125?

You can know the production year of John Deere tractors through their serial numbers, which are printed on the decal on the body of the tractor. In the John Deere LA125, the serial number decal is located under the left rear fender of the tractor.

What is the speed of the John Deere LA125?

The forward speed of John Deere A125 is 8.9 kmh or 5.5 mph, and the maximum reverse speed is 5.2 kmh or 3.2 mph.


If you are considering buying a John Deere tractor and are looking for the latest review. This article will act as a guide and will help you know all the details there is to know about John Deere LA125, along with the latest review and all the pros and cons of the model.

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