External Renovations to Reduce Utility Bills and More

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Exterior renovations do more than make your home look better. Many newer products are much lower maintenance than they once were. Further to that, you may even see greater reductions in the running costs of your home. In a country where high temperatures are an issue, while we continue to see soaring utility bills, the addition or modification of external Renovations features such as roller blinds, cladding and other modern features, may actually save you money in the long run. A look at exterior improvements that add to the resale-ability of your home, while reducing your costs.

  • Cladding. A tired old looking home may be a renovators delight, but it will be harder to sell. Cladding comes in many varieties and can completely change the look of your home. New materials are very long lasting, and will protect against much of the damage caused by sun and rain. Coupled with insulation and reflective properties, you will notice a radical decrease in the need for internal temperature management.
  • Ceiling Exhausts. These small devices placed in the roof, spin with air movement, causing warm air to be taken from inside the home and be expelled. A simple device that can be added to the roof of just about any home and can reduce the need for air conditioning need greatly. This is great if you have taken other measures to keep your home cool during the day, and need to cool your home in the evening, when the heat is often felt the most.
  • Windows and related. Spending the money on good windows that reflect heat and glare is well worth the money spent. Increasing airflow, while improving the look and safety of your home, will make it that much easier to sell. Retractable awnings are a great way to keep sun and heat away from your windows, and will have a huge impact on your internal room temperature. Your furniture and curtains will also last much longer. The more direct sunlight you can block out the better. Roller blinds for windows also provide added security. Added security will result in a direct gain in terms of selling your home, for both price, and how easily you will sell.
  • Modern Materials. With huge developments in technology, including the materials these products are made of, and what they are coated with means real maintenance savings. Gone are the yearly chores of cleaning up your exterior. Some items are coated in such a fashion you will rarely have to spend the time to wash exterior walls. Roller blinds, for example, will save you greatly on your regular window cleaning. When a storm comes, or it is particularly dusty, you shut your house down. This is perfect for homes that are not only subject to hot summers.

Most people like the idea of being eco-friendly, but you see real concern develop when it is their hip-pocket that is being hit. The cost of running a home is becoming increasingly important for those looking to buy a home. Once only a consideration of purchase, it is fair to say, this has become one of the main focus points of many families looking to buy. With utility costs soaring in Australia in the past few years, we can only expect this trend to increase. External Renovations features need to look good, and function to protect a home against wasted power consumption, and more. Homes that do not have these features sit on the market much longer and sell at much lower prices.

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