Copper Fire Pit Guide

Copper Fire PitSome of the most appealing forms of fire pits are the ones which utilize copper in their design. Copper is a weather resistant metal which has a beautiful gold/bronze color. When kept clean, a copper fire pit will exhibit a dull sheen which is instantly recognizable and eye-catching.

Copper Fire Bowl

It is important to note that copper fire pits are not made entirely of copper, only the fire bowl. The fire bowl, or reservoir, is a large bin which is designed to hold wood as it is burned. These bowls are made out of 100 percent copper and are shaped using a cold-press method. Many such bowls are polished to bring out their natural sheen. The bowl sits within a steel frame which has at least three support legs. The copper fire pit bowl easily lifts up and out of the frame for cleaning and maintenance. All steel surfaces are protected with heat proof paint to prevent rust. Mesh screen covers are commonly included which are placed over the fire pit for protection.


While it is possible to simply throw a few logs into the copper fire pit bowl, many fire pits come with a metal insert from which the logs sit on. This raised surface allows air to flow underneath the log pile, increasing the intensity of the fire. For best results, logs should be stacked in a tee-pee orientation and lit at the base using a log starter or balled up piece of newspaper. After lighting, the cover should be immediately placed on top. If you wait too long to put the cover on, the fire may be too powerful to get close enough to do so.


Copper fire pits are unique in that they do not necessarily need to be cleaned. If left untreated, the copper will eventually develop a bluish-green coating called patina. Patina actually serves to protect the copper from weathering, which is why it is used on the roofs of many skyscrapers. Some people enjoy the look of this patina, while others choose to maintain regular cleanings in order to prevent it. No harm will come if you leave the patina on the copper fire pit. However, the steel frame which supports the pit should be cleaned regularly to prevent rust and paint chipping. Over time, the grated steel cover may warp and lose its paint coating. A coat of spray paint can return the cover to its former look.

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