27 Brilliant Koi Pond Ideas

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Nothing like sitting across the water looking at the fishes while you sip your coffee, right? What if I told you that you could get that luxury right in your backyard?

Whether you have a large backyard or small, or whether you have thousands of dollars or not, you can still create a Koi Pond.

Let’s dig right into them. 

27 Brilliant Koi Pond Ideas

Yes, in this article, we have covered 27 brilliant koi pond ideas for all kinds of backyards, entryways, lawns, and budget.

#1. A DIY Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

If you are willing to put in the effort and get your hands dirty, this beautiful DIY Koi pond is for you. 

And what makes it so amazing is that the fact that you get your very own deck where you can enjoy that morning coffee or tea sitting right next to the pond (mornings just got more blissful).

Though keep in mind, building this will take up some time (so get help if you want) and a ton of tools like a miter saw, circular saw, drill, etc. along with raw materials. 

Up for the challenge? Check the whole process here

#2. The Old Bathtub Pond

koi pond ideas

Planning to get rid of the old tub in your bathroom? Don’t throw it away just yet. With some filters and pumps, you can easily turn it into a small pond that houses aquatic plants giving your backyard some uniqueness while putting to use waste.

#3. Stock Tank Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Are you letting the old stock tank rot as it scraps with no use? Believe it or not, there’s your koi pond sitting right there catching dust. With a few lawn chairs around it and some lilies and other aquatic plants in it, this pond creates a soothing, relaxing environment (just the kind of thing you need during a lockdown). Try it out yourself.

#4. Koi Pond with a Waterfall

koi pond ideas

If the pond alone doesn’t cut it for you, how about one with a waterfall? Yes, you heard it right, this DIY Koi Pond comes with a mini waterfall. And if you can throw in some fish and plants like lilies, it is sure to make someone take a look twice (compliments for the pond coming in 3,2,1…).

Takes a bit of effort since you will need to do the digging, bring the stones, etc. but in the end, it is well worth it.

#5. The Tire Pond

koi pond ideas

Got old tires that have no use for you now? Well, this fish pond idea is just what you need to put them to good use. Though keep in mind it requires some work and heavy-duty tools like a jigsaw, etc. 

But if you are a woodworker or do a lot of DIY stuff around your house and already have these tools, this is one of the cheapest koi pond ideas on the block. Oh, and you can even add some fishes to it to make it more attractive.

#6. The Compact Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Not every backyard is big and neither does every koi pond have to be. So if you had a small yard, don’t worry, we have something for you as well. 

With a few rocks around, some flowers, and aquatic plants in the pond along with a mini waterfall, you will have as attractive a pond as a big one. And while you are at it, why not some fishes as well apart from koi, heard goldfishes catch the eye.

This is one of the smallest koi pond ideas on our list.

#7. The No Backyard Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Yes, you heard it right, you don’t always need a backyard to have a koi pond because you can start a koi pond in a large container as well. This is another budget koi pond that needs little to no work.

On your porch, just find a spot with good sunlight to support the growth of the lilies and water lettuce, and also make sure you have placed some potted soil at the bottom.

Some goldfish, maybe an oranda or Black Moore with a few Koi fishes, and there you have your very own koi pond and you didn’t need a backyard.

#8. The Boxed Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Can’t do all the digging to create a pond in the backyard as it gives you sleepless nights due to an aching back? Guess what, you don’t have to thanks to this raised boxed koi pond. 

It is also quicker and with a little help, your koi pond will be ready to welcome plants and fishes by the evening. To top it all, it is also safer for the homes with toddlers and they won’t end up falling and worse, drowning in the ponds. 

Just make sure you build the trellis or walls high enough.

#9. Ornamental Koi Pond 

koi pond ideas

If you have a big koi pond with a lot of space do not underestimate the value of ornaments in the pond, especially if you plan to have a waterfall or fountain there as it makes the pond more elegant. 

These ornaments can vary from vases, oversized planters to even an Angel statue depending on the size of the pond and your budget.

#10. One for the Bonfire Parties

koi pond ideas

Have you ever wanted to sit around a pound with your gang sipping beer or sangria with the bonfire keeping you warm? This is a traditional koi pond with lots of rocks and plants around it. 

You can even add a small bridge to further amplify the rustic feel. Oh, and you don’t need to dig too deep either, which makes this one of our favorite great koi pond ideas. Though will need to have a large backyard.

This is one of our favorite koi pond ideas!

#11. Front Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

You don’t always need to have a koi pond in your backyard, your front lawn is just as good a place as any. Plus, you get to show off your skills and mind at work to your neighbors and passersby. 

Once again, some plants, different fishes, and rocks will add to the look and if it is large enough, you can even have seating close to it.

#12. Porch Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

We recently came across this koi pond that was built into a porch and we couldn’t take our eyes off it (nor will your guests be able to).

It had pretty much everything like a waterfall using ornaments in the shape of aquatic animals like a tortoise and a frog. But the best part about it was the lighting. 

With a stream of yellow LED bulbs on the edge, it creates a warm environment perfect to sit around with your hubby or friends.

#13. A Modern Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

If you want a more modern finish to your koi pond consider placing large decorative mirrors. This not only makes the interiors and the pond feel bigger but also lets more natural light enter the backyard, indoors, and the pond. And placing you a few decorative stones at the bottom further adds to the depth.

#14. A Beautiful Entrance

koi pond ideas

Forget your backyard or lawn, if you have a mansion with a long walkway entrance, a koi pond is one of the most welcoming things you can include. With some lighting, some rustic ornaments and maybe, even small waterfalls, and plants people will love to walk through your entryway making it one of the most attractive portions of the house. 

#15. The Glass Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Remember we told you about the box raised pond above? This design is similar to that except much easier to look at since the front portion of the pond is glass which makes it easier to get a look at the fishes and the greenery, just like you would in an aquarium. Some ceramic pots with a marble finish on the sides and you are good to go.

#16. Simplistic Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Don’t want the hassle of maintaining a lot of fishes and aquatic plants? Or may you are cramped for space or on a low budget? This simplistic koi pond is the solution to it all. It can be as big as an aquarium and need not be too deep either (this baby can be up and ready in just a couple of hours). Add a couple of stones and you are done!

#17. The Hot Tub Koi Pond 

koi pond ideas

Don’t sell your old hot tub just yet. And do not give it away in the scrap either. Upcycling is the latest trend and it is your turn to jump on the bandwagon and turn your old hot tub into a visual masterpiece.

All you have to do is seal it off on the sides, set up a filtration, get some plants, fishes, and there, scrap turns to gold.

#18. Triangular Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

If it isn’t circular or square, is it still a pond? Absolutely. You do not always need fancy ornaments or a waterfall to make your pond stand out. Something as simple as changing the shape to a triangle or any geometrical design is bound to get people’s attention. Plus, it will be easier to fit it as well.

#19. Corner Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Whether indoors or outdoors, corners can be hard to decorate, and doing it right creates a flow and continuity that prevents it from looking like a mainstream backyard. Planting is great but how should you do it?

Well, in a way that adds depth and height to the corner and nothing does that better than a pond. And since it is a corner why not go with a triangular pond?

#20. Swimming Pool Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Can your swimming pool act like both a pond and a pool? Yup, just because you have a pool doesn’t mean you need sacrifice on the pond or the pool itself. Yes, you can set up a pond with all the required filtration and chlorine levels to ensure you get fresh water all the time.

But what about the plants? Won’t the chlorine kill them?

Yes, but if you place them intelligently you can avoid the effects while maintaining the right aesthetics of a pond. 

#21. Boat Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

If you don’t already have an old boat considering buying it from a garage sale. We love this one because it is hassle-free since it eliminates the need to dig deep. Plus, a boat is big enough to fit in all the plants you’d want as well.

Oh, and its rustic looks mean you do not need a lot of pebbles and rocks around either (you just got a boat; you’d want to show it off, right?).

#22. Simple Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

You can make your koi pond as fancy as you want with lights and plants, etc. but simplicity has its elegance. With some texture, bold lines in a rectangular shape, and no plants or rocks around it, the koi fish and other fishes are going to be the highlight of this pond and is just what a minimalist would love.

#23. Walkway Pond

koi pond ideas

So far we mentioned having the pond on the side of the walkway. What if you created a walkway on the pond itself? 

With some rustic rocks as the walkway, some koi, and golden fishes it is something straight out of a 5-star or 7-star hotel and now right in your backyard. Plus, you can add some waterfalls in the side to add to the glamour.

#24. The Funky Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

You want to make your pond as attractive as possible and this koi pond idea does just that. All you have to do is create a small piece of land in the middle. Now, this can be round and deep like a bucket so it feels like a sunken island with you deep in it making it a truly intriguing piece of PondScape. 

#25. The Curvy Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Rather than just one simple pond, if you have space, why not have 2-3 circular ponds. When you play with different sized circles and other curvy shapes you create more depth. And if you have some tall trees or some wall art that reflects in the pond and rectangular pavers, the contrasting shapes compliment each other well.

#26. The Natural Pond

koi pond ideas

If you want to give the pond a completely natural look there are a few elements you have to get right. For example, a natural pond requires a rocky outcrop, specific wetland vegetation, and some other things that are bound to fall from the trees above like branches and leaves. Just add some lilies and driftwood to it and you will have your natural pond in your backyard.

#27. The Balcony Koi Pond

koi pond ideas

Do only have a balcony and not a yard to work with? No problem, we got you covered. All you need is a small bonsai garden on the balcony. Dig a small hole, place some koi fishes in it, place some small rocks and plants around it, and voila, there’s a koi pond even on your balcony now.


koi pond ideas

If you have created a koi pond with any of these koi pond ideas or have a different idea to share, do send them to us via the contact form or drop the images in the comments below. If we love your koi pond idea, you might just have it featured in the article.

Till then, happy pondscaping.

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