Outdoor Fun with a Children’s Picnic Table

Children's Picnic TableDining outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your family. A children’s picnic table is a great way to allow both the adults and kids to have fun on a picnic trip.

When bringing the children along to a picnic, it helps to provide them with kid-sized accommodations to make the experience enjoyable for them.

Kids like having their own furniture and possessions that they can call their own.

These tables are quite similar to the picnic tables designed for adults, except that they are smaller in size. The seats and table surface sit lower to the ground to make it easy for them to eat, color and play.

Many of these tables are made from colorful plastic resin which is easy to clean up after the kids make a mess. Some picnic tables can fold up and put in the car for trips to the park.

Tables from Little Tikes

Little Tikes makes a full line of children’s picnic table that is sized just right for younger children. These tables are made with bright colors that are enjoyable to kids while blending in well with backyard surroundings.

The best part about these tables is that they require no tools to set up or take down.

Made from durable plastic resin, Little Tikes’ picnic tables are made to last both indoors and out.

When kids make a mess with their food, which is bound to happen, the table’s surface can be cleaned quickly using a soapy rag. If the table resides outside, cleanup is even easier using a garden hose.

Children will enjoy doing activities other than eating, such as coloring in a book or playing with toys.

Portable Children’s Picnic Table

Picnics aren’t always going to be had right in your own backyard. When you want to travel somewhere to a picnic, such as at a local park, a more portable table solution is needed.

Portable picnic tables are designed to be portable and easy to carry. Available in children and adult sizes, these units fold up into a compact form for easy transport in the car.

Many of these tables have benches on either side that fold up with them, eliminating the need to carry seating with you. A portable picnic table is a must if you will be venturing between locations frequently.

Shading – When the Outdoor Summer Heat is too Hot for Children

If children will be using the table outside during the peak of the day, it is important to look for children’s picnic table with some type of shading structure.

Children have sensitive skin which can be sun damaged easily. For this reason, many manufacturers have attached shade umbrellas to their tables.

These umbrellas provide shading to the table below. They sit in a mount in the table and are removable.

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