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Above Ground Pool Decks

Erecting above ground pool decks is often the domain of professional builders. Homeowners and diy’s often opt to purchase a pre-built kit which only requires minimal skills to assemble. If you are looking for a unique look it is best to get in a builder/designer or maybe you know exactly what you are after. Either way make sure you plan the construction fully and down to the last detail to make sure it is going to work as you anticipate. This article aims to serve as a guide for picking out the best materials, style and design suitable for you.
Swimming pool decks can surround a pool or just be partly around it. Remember it’s the pool that determines the features of the deck and not the other way around.  It may be circular or be square and have corners, or even have an irregular shape to follow, eg a kidney shaped pool.

Above Ground Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Deck

There are advantages and disadvantages for many materials that you may like to use. Most people choose wood for their above ground pool decks mainly because it has natural beauty, it has flexibility and it is resilience. Plastics and aluminum are other materials that are gaining in popularity. Disadvantages of using timber is that it can crack and can undergo discoloration from the water and the sun over time. This, however can be overcome with good maintenance during the year. Pressure-treated timber offers a less expensive option but it is predisposed to warping and not quite as good to look at. 
The most problem-free materials are of course, aluminum and plastic. These materials do withstand the harsh affects of the environment without a lot of maintenance.
The problem is that aluminum decks can cost a fortune while plastic decks may appear rather cheap depending on the quality of the build. 
Make sure you take into account the size of the area where the deck will be placed and its relationship with the surroundings. It is better not to use the whole yard if possible, think about what you want to keep as lawn etc.
Another thing to consider is how your deck will look with your existing home. This may reflect on the overall value of your home, so keep in mind. A deck that seems out of place may lower the price of the house when it’s time to put it on the property market. Traditional architecture works well with wood as do houses with more modern designs. 
There are a lot of factors that have to be considered when planning to build a pool deck but the process is generally a whole lot easier when you check off the information above.
In a nutshell, ensure that the structure will blend well with the house and its surroundings and also, it should be made of high quality materials that can last for many years.

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