Aerator Rental Considerations

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Lawns that are ridden with a thick layer of thatch and compacted soil need aeration on the double.

The problem is that most people don’t keep an aerator on hand for the rare instance in which they are needed.

Many times, a good option can be to rent an aerator from a local tool supply store.

Aerator Rental Considerations

Aerator Rental Types

There are two types of aerators for lawns- spiked and core. Spiked aerators are considered to be less effective since they actually compress the ground as they are pushed down.

They consist of a series of solid metal spikes which displace the ground in order to create a hole. While they can be effective, core aerators are far more ideal. A core aerator uses metal tubes to remove a soil plug from the ground.

Aerator Rental Considerations
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After each pass, the plugs are deposited onto the ground where they can become food for the lawn. With no ground compaction, excellent water and nutrient penetration can occur.

Over time, the soil will expand and re-fill all of the holes, becoming less compacted in the process.

Manual Vs. Gasoline

Renting a small hand aerator is not cost-effective since they only cost about $30 each. When you rent an aerator, it is expected that you desire a large and powerful machine that can cover a lot of ground.

Lawn aerator rental shops have powerful gasoline aerators available for just this purpose. These units can be a couple hundred pounds each, requiring a truck bed or trailer to transport home.

Aerator Rental Considerations

Many of these units are self-propelled, meaning that the engine turns the wheels for you. All the user must do is control the throttle and steer.

For large lawns, a gasoline aerator is a must.

Using a Gasoline Aerator

Aerator rentals are easy to operate in a few simple steps. Begin by starting the engine and immediately adjusting the traveling speed to a level that is comfortable for you.

Be sure to push down on the handlebars in order to lift the working end off the ground until you are ready to start.

All aerators like this have a depth knob which determines how deep the metal tines dig into the ground.

Adjust this knob now.

Lower the handlebars to the ground and start walking, adjusting the speed as necessary. To turn, simply lower the handlebars once more, turn, and lower again.

Aerator Rental Considerations
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The Importance of Aeration

A core aerator rental can help you to loosen up compacted soil and remove thatch, both of which act as a barrier that prevents moisture and nutrition from reaching the lawn’s root system.

Lawns that are frequently hard and dry could be in need of lawn aeration. The best time to aerate is either before seeding and/or when the soil is moist. Moist soil will ensure deeper penetration.

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