Exterior Accenting with Solar Post Lights

There are several different views of what a solar post light is.

This guide talks about three different light fixtures that Solar Post Lightscould be considered a post light, and what the applications of each is. Post lights are designed to accent areas of a yard with light.

These lights sit atop a post, elevated above the ground where they can be seen. Because they have this high vantage point, they work well for defining boundaries and lining borders. Large post lights can be installed into the ground just like a street light. Small post lights such as the ones that stake into the ground can be used to line a driveway entrance.

Those who have a wooden fence can install post light caps onto each beam of the fence to border their yard. Solar technology makes these lights easy to install. They require no external power source, using a solar panel to gather energy during the day.

Fence Solar Post Lights

Fences made out of square wooden beams can be accented with post lights on every post. These lights fit snugly over the top of the fence post and stay in place with a screw or two. They come in many designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Colors can be matched to the existing fence as to appear that they are a part of the fence. Designer materials ranging from plastic to copper give these lights a stylish touch. Since fences border the outside of a property, they make the perfect mounting location for post lights. At night, the solar post cap lights turn on automatically and stay on for several hours, clearly defining the boundaries of your property. An opening on each side of the light allows the illumination to be visible in all directions.

Path/ Stake Post Lights

Path post lights consist of a solar-powered light pole with a stake on the end. They can be placed into any soft surface such as soil or grass and are ideal for bordering walkways or gardens. These pole lights shine their light to the side and onto the ground to maximize visibility at night. Each light has its own solar panel built into the top which provides power to the unit. Since each light is independent of the other, they can be moved and adjusted as needed without disturbing the others.

Stake lights work well as borders to places such as driveways, paths, garden edges and property limits. Their glow is not designed to illuminate an entire area, but to guide the way with power in numbers.

Full Sized Posts

Full sized outdoor solar post lights can be likened to a miniature street light in your own yard. Suitable for use in both front and backyards, these lights are tall and impressive structures. A tall light post holds up one or more lantern-like fixtures with a light bulb in each. They work well when placed next to an outdoor sitting area or prominent feature. Some post lights sit on a stand, while others install permanently into the ground with concrete. A removable solar lantern fixture perches at the top of the post, shining down below. Solar lamp post lights are the biggest light in the post style.

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