15 Christmas Lighting Ideas Inspiration For Outdoor

Aside from a Christmas tree, lighting is one of the staples of Christmas decorating and lets you share your festive spirit with the whole neighborhood! Adorn trees with hundreds of fairy lights, hang snowflake-shaped lights from branches or create unique features with string lights. There really are no limits to what you can create – see for yourself with this selection of incredible Christmas lighting inspiration.

15 Herb & Vegetable Garden Ideas

While practical and a great addition to the home, herb and vegetable gardens certainly don’t have to be boring. Explore how to create interest with contrasting rows of smaller plants, keeping them evenly spaced for a clean and contemporary look. Don’t forget to add height with frames for vegetable vines and include pathways for easy access. Click through for garden inspiration to get your green thumb tingling!

15 Amazing DIY Raised Garden Beds

If you’re looking for a standout way to display your outdoor plants, raised garden beds are the perfect solution. Why not try stacking boxes of different sizes for an incredible pyramid-like effect? Raised garden beds are perfect for adding greenery to a deck for a more contemporary look than pots can provide and are also the ideal anchor point for timber or wire lattice features. Browse our gallery to see how it’s done.

13 Backyard Shed Ideas

When you think ‘backyard shed’ you might imagine something dark and practical that smells like potting mix. But these homeowners have breathed new life into the notion of a backyard shed, making them light and airy places to sit and work or relax with a book and coffee. Instead of it being a place to store tools or garden equipment, a shed is transformed into a garden feature and a space to enjoy what you’ve cultivated. Get ready to be inspired!

Top 10 Halloween Inspired Front Yard Ideas

It’s time to get spooky! Take a look at these Halloween inspired front yard ideas and you’ll see the key to creating a truly horrifying effect is all in the details. From dog skeletons to houses shrouded in spider webs and intricately-carved jack-o-lanterns atop menacing, skeletal bodies. This is a sure-fire way to keep intruders away! Inspiration awaits you in this scary gallery.