What to Expect from Storage Shed Plans

Storage Shed PlansAll storage shed plans follow the same basic procedure to create a shed made of wood. Plans allow even novice wood workers to build a shed quickly and with minimal error. The following is the procedure to expect when you receive your first storage / garden shed plans:

Step 1: Foundation

Most storage shed plans will discuss how to create a solid foundation for your new shed. Lighter sheds can be built on wooden foundations created using wooden joists and pressure treated wood flooring. However, larger sheds need a more substantial foundation in order to prevent sagging and leaning. If in doubt, always pour a fresh slab of concrete which has been properly leveled and built to exceed the length and width of the new shed.

Step 2: Walls

Shed walls are created by nailing wooden studs into a rectangular or square frame. Holes for windows are made by mounting horizontal beams in between the vertical posts. It is important to note that the walls for a shed are built in segments and brought together at a later date. Once the walls are framed, exterior siding is nailed to the exterior. Some people like to insulate their walls and put on interior siding, but this can be done after the walls and ceiling are in place.

Step 3: Gable Roof

Gable-style sheds are the easiest to create and offer excellent rain and snow protection. The roof is created by mounting several triangular-shaped gable pieces to the top of the side walls and laying paneling over the top. Later, builders can place shingles on the roof for protection and decoration. Gable panels are made with three beams of wood- two for the triangle top and one as a brace. Each one must be identical to the next so that the shed will be square. To keep the shed cool, install gable vents to let the hot air out.

Step 4: Doors and Windows

The easiest way to install windows is to buy them pre-built from the store or receive them in a kit. Assuming you designed your shed walls with appropriately sized holes, the windows can be easily slid into place. It may be necessary to put wood bracers around the edges of the windows in order to ensure a tight fit. When nailing is complete, seal the edges with silicone. The doors are installed a bit differently. Industrial hinges rated for the weight of the door will be attached to the interior of the door well. You can make the door yourself or use one that came in a kit.

Step 5: Trim

Decorative trim edging and sidewalls may be added for the final touch. For added clarity, interior shed lights can be attached to the ceiling of the shed.

Tip:  If you're on a budget, free shed plans are available on the internet that are of quite good quality.

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  • This is indeed helpful to those who wanted to build their own shed. It is important to know about this things to successfully build it. Having a great plan is the key to achieve it.

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