Spirea Shrubs – Bridal Wreath Spirea

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Gardeners are always looking for new and interesting plants to grow. Exotic additions to the garden often come in the Spirea Shrubsform of an out-of-style plant which gains resurgence as the times change. One example of an old fashioned plant that is making a comeback is the spirea. The spirea is considered to be a small to medium sized shrub which produces beautiful flowers. For the most part, these plants are easy to care for and are not known to overtake a garden. Theses classic plants are being engineered as hybrids, shrinking their size to a more manageable level. The classic bridal wreath plant exhibited a size of about six feet square, while the new hybrid varieties get to around three to five feet in height, and a bit less than that in width.

Spirea is capable of fending on its own without much user input, making it an easy plant to care for. They are prized for their beautiful colors that dangle down in long bundles. Users can expect their spirea shrubs to flower at the beginning of May in the northern territories, while locations down south may take as long as June or July for the flowering to appear. The classic bridal wreath spirea has only white flowers, but the hybrid shrubs have additional colors like purple and pink. In Southern locales, the spirea will produce spurts of flower growth throughout mild winters, but will flower mainly from February until March.

One reason why the spirea works well in residential landscaping is the low maintenance. It does not need much care and grows slowly enough to be easily maintained with regular trimming. Expect to pick up the spirea leaves once in the fall. When not flowering or bare, the spirea is a pleasant green plant that is clean and appealing to the eye. A bit of solar garden lights does wonders to light up the spirea in the front or back yard.

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