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Makita cordless power tools are some of the best available, but a cordless model is only as powerful as the battery pack Makita Battery Chargerit wields. Even the best of battery packs can wear out once they near their defined cycle life. Throwing out the tool is not necessary, as both genuine and generic Makita batteries are available. A Makita battery designed specifically for your tool can get it back up and running again. Batteries can be bought correctly by simply matching up the model number of the old with the new. Genuine batteries from Makita are designed to be identical to the original, clicking into place with no problem.

When a new battery is needed for a Makita chainsaw, drill, driver or any other tool, the option to upgrade to a more powerful battery is always an option. Longer lasting packs can be bought by looking at the Amp Hour (Ah) rating. Picking an amp hour which is higher than your old battery will yield longer working times. Of course, the voltage on the new battery needs to remain exactly the same. Makita batteries crafted by third parties can have greater amp hour ratings than what Makita makes. However, one must take care when buying a generic battery. Some customers complain that the batteries do not clip into the tool smoothly, or wear out quickly.

Makita takes great care in making the best batteries available. Their power supplies are known for their durable plastic cases that can resist damages from dropping. Also, they have up to five contact points to ensure good connection even when dirty or wet. Although Makita makes NiMH and Nickel Cadmium batteries, many tool owners are switching over to lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries maintain full voltage right up until they run out of juice. Other types have a more distinct power loss curve, resulting in a gentle loss of power through the whole use of the tool.

Makita batteries are known to charge up fast on the right charger. In the rough and tumble environment of some garages and tool sheds, a Makita battery charger can take a beating. Don’t worry, as a replacement Makita battery charger can be easily acquired. Again, a simple matching of the model numbers can yield the proper charger each and every time. With their rugged housing, long cycle life and no memory effect, a Makita battery can prove a useful ally in the tool world.

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