Guide to Patio Chimineas

Chimineas offer a sophisticated way to create a warming fire in the back yard. Read on to learn about the different types available and how to best care for them. Metal (Cast Iron / Steel) Chimineas Metal chimineas require only minor assembly and are extremely durable. They are not susceptible to cracking and chipping like […]

What Are Outdoor Fireplace Kits

An outdoor fireplace can serve as a center-point for fun and relaxation in the yard. Whether installed in an outdoor kitchen or patio, these fireplaces bring warmth and dimension to an otherwise bland outdoor area. Outdoor fireplace kits are on the market which provide most of the materials and know-how you need to install one […]

Wood Storage in a Fireplace Log Holder

Firewood is an essential part of many people’s lives, providing much needed heat in the wintertime. For these people, a large outdoor firewood rack is needed. However, not everyone needs such a large amount of wood. Most city dwellers just need to keep enough wood on hand to light their fireplaces on cold winter's nights. […]

Firewood Holder Wood Storage

  There is no better way to store split wood than a firewood holder. Firewood holders consist of a durable metal rack that is usually kept outdoors to hold ample amounts of firewood for the winter season. When wood is simply stored on the ground, it can become wet and infested with bugs. A firewood […]