Lawn Sweeper

  Using a broom and dustpan to pick up yard debris is so old school. Using a lawn sweeper is so much easier than conventional methods. A lawn sweeper is a specialty yard tool which can either be pulled by a garden tractor or pushed by hand depending on the model. Most use a cylindrical […]

John Deere 4440 Tractor

  The John Deere 4440 tractor was manufactured from 1978 to 1982 and was the most desired tractor in the Iron Horse line. The 4440 is considered to be a full-sized farm/agricultural tractor and is equipped with a turbocharged 6 cylinder engine. In 1982 the 4440 sold at retail for $44,000. Today you can find […]

John Deere 317 Garden Tractor

  The John Deere 317 tractor represents the "deluxe" series of 300 class hydrostatic tractors manufactured from 1979 to 1983-84. John Deere decided to add several new design additions, including moving much of the steering equipment to the left side of the chassis.  for the first time, Deere put a 3 cylinder tractor into a […]

John Deere 2305 Compact Tractor

  The John Deere 2305 is a heavy-duty compact compact tractor that supports a wide variety of attachments. The 2305 packs a lot of power into a small area with its Yanmar 3 cylinder, 24 horsepower engine. Production began in 2006 and it is still on the market today, retailing for around $11,000. Engine: The […]

John Deere 955 Tractor

  The John Deere 955 is a beast of a tractor, packing a 33 horsepower, 3 cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. Intended for use in the agricultural and farm industries, the 955 has the power to get the job done. The 955 had a nine-year production run from 1989 to 1998. Unlike many other John Deere […]