15 Amazing Tree House Design Ideas We Love

It’s not just kids who love treehouses. As an adult, a treehouse can provide the perfect escape, just like a mini-vacation. Add hammocks, a pretty view and some mood lighting. For a royal touch, arched windows and a spiral staircase are a must. And if you are going to share with the kids, swings, slides and flying foxes will turn it into the ultimate playground. See the best ideas here!

15 Brilliant Dog House Ideas & Designs

Every pooch deserves a little house of their own! Choose a design that reflects their doggy personality and what they like to do best – whether that’s perching up high, hiding out in the shade or getting cozy with their favorite blanket. You could even have one that matches your own house, whether that’s ultra-contemporary, log cabin style or industrial. Find inspiration in this gallery for your new dog house, today.

15 Beautiful Easter Day Decorating Ideas For Backyards

If you have family visiting for Easter and the kids are taking part in a backyard Easter egg hunt, consider dressing up your gardens with some Easter decorations. Baskets filled with brightly painted eggs and a sweet Easter bunny door are a must if you want to create a real buzz of excitement among the kids. To see these ideas and more, hop into our gallery of Easter day decorating ideas for backyards.

15 Ways To Decorate Your Garden With Recycled Materials

Recycled materials look right at home in the garden among the beauty of nature. Why not try your hand at a DIY project to turn an old pallet into a vertical garden? Hollowed out tree stumps can make great rustic alternatives to pot plants. But, our favorite way to use recycled materials in the garden is to turn an old rowboat into a large garden bed. Give it a lick of fresh paint to brighten it up and suit your décor. See these ideas and more, right here.

15 Gorgeous Wall Garden Ideas

With blocks of land becoming smaller, it can pay to get creative with your limited outdoor space. Rather than keeping to traditional ground planted gardens, using your imagination to create wall features will see you the envy of your décor-loving friends. Whether you decide a floor to ceiling wall of plants, or just a simple vine trailing up and over the doorway is for you, we know you’ll adore this gallery of wall garden ideas.