Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair
A classic zero-grav chair. Highly portable and can fold.

People who have back and joint problems can find a much needed reprieve in a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs are designed to provide excellent full body support by suspending users over a fabric backing. They are most often seen in lounge chair form, although eccentric pieces like hammocks are available too. There are two main kinds of zero gravity loungers, one that uses breathable backing and another which uses padding and leather.

Gravity chairs with fabric backing have the lowest cost and are the easiest to carry around. Made of a tubular frame, these chairs have a single piece of textile backing which runs from the head down to the toes. The fabric itself is suspended between the two sides of the frame, leaving no hard surfaces for the body to press on. Bungee cords woven on either side allow the fabric to conform and shape itself to the various pressure points on the body. Users can adjust the position of the back and legs as they see fit. You can even lie back completely flat. An adjustable neck pillow on the back keeps the head level and stable, while arm rests provide a comfortable spot for the arms to sit. This type of zero gravity chair is for casual users who simply want a bit more comfort in their home or on the patio.

Zero Gravity Chair
An elaborately designed chair for indoor use.

For people in pain, a precision engineered zero gravity chair is a must. These models have lush padding with soft leather on top. They can shape into a lot more positions than the aforementioned model. They are capable of folding back with the torso lying flat and the legs held above the heart. This position allows for easy breathing and a reduction in back stress. Some models can be adjusted automatically using a control pad. Most are adjusted manually. Orthopedically designed with a lumbar curve, zero gravity chairs reduce spine pressure so you can take a nap in peace.

Chairs designed for patio use are equipped with UV resistant fabrics and protective paint over the frame. It is not advised to use an indoor-rated chair outside for extended periods of time. Lightweight tube-framed zero gravity chairs have the advantage that they can be taken in the car or moved between locations around the house. Many companies include carry bags for these kinds of chairs. Think about portability when choosing an anti gravity chair.


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