The Affordability of Wood Folding Chairs

Folding wood chairs have the advantage of being both beautiful in design and compact in shape. The ability to fold up Wood Folding Chairsbetween uses allows users to keep a surplus of chairs on hand for unexpected occasions. Wood is often chosen over other materials like metal and plastic because of its beauty. Woods like cedar and teak are frequently used in the construction of these chairs. These hardwoods are resistant to dirt and moisture in outdoor environments. The individual pieces of these folding chairs are connected together with mortise & tenon joints, dowel joints, and other bonding methods to make them incredibly strong. Wood folding chairs range in styles from comfortable loungers to functional patio dining chairs. Their flexibility makes them perfect for any outdoor occasion. Let's take a closer look at the features of wooden folding chairs.

Folding Abilities

Wood folding chairs typically consist of two rigid sections connected together with joints and bars. Users pull on these sections to open up the chair in seconds. When in the folded position, these chairs are easy to store by leaning them up against a wall or stacking them on top of each other. Since wood is prone to damage by moisture, storing them in a sheltered environment can increase its lifespan. Excess chairs can be kept on hand for special occasions like a birthday party or cookout. Some wood chairs use wooden joints, while others use metal hardware hidden within. Both are reliable methods of achieving the folding action.

Wood as a Chair Material

Some of the most common woods used in folding chairs include: cedar, birch, pine, teak, wicker and more. Everything except wicker can be considered a hardwood. Hardwoods are very strong and rigid, making for the perfect material to use in a chair. The beauty of using wood is that you can sand and finish the product to a color of your choice. Staining wood can dramatically change its color while leaving the grain to show. Painting the wood completely covers the grain and results in a solid color. While paint forms a natural waterproof barrier, staining a chair requires a coat of sealer for protection.

Types of Folding Chairs

Wood can be crafted into many different types of chairs. Loungers are popular because they are adjustable and allow users to lie back into several different positions. Users can sun tan or take a snooze in the flat position, or sip on a beverage in the upright position. More conventional chairs include those intended for dining, lawn and patio use. Manufacturers often incorporate a distinct curve into the seat and back portions of these chairs as to better conform to the body. Slatted wood chairs allow air to flow through the back and bottom, keeping the user cool.

Comfort Pads

Pads can greatly improve the comfort of a wood folding chair. Filled with foam, cotton or polyester, these pads attach quickly and come in many cool designs. These pads can be taken off between uses to maximize their lifespan.

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