15 Awesome Wood Fence Ideas and Designs

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Adding a fence to your backyard means added privacy and style. But unfortunately, these fences can often end up costing too much and might not even end up looking like we expected them to!

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with tedious contractors and build your own fence with either of these 15 awesome wood fence ideas and designs. 

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Wooden Fence Ideas and Designs

Dreaming about building your own wooden fence, but is that existing chain link fence stopping you? Then hey, we have an idea just for you! Sure, a chain link fence is extremely functional. But you cannot deny that a wood fence would look way better than some chain links.  

To install this fence by yourself, simply start by removing the chain links but let the posts stay. They will make the entire process a whole lot easier by giving the fence a sturdy structure. Remember to keep a gap of at least one nail between each board and encase the metal posts with wood as well.

2. Marble and Wood Fence Ideas

Add some color to your backyard with these marble infused fences. These glistening fences are easy to achieve and look beautiful, especially when the sun is out. All you need is a few marbles that allow sunlight to pass through them and a drill. The marbles can be of different sizes and multiple colors to make the fence look even more vibrant. 

Simply drill some holes into the wood and fit the marbles snugly into them. For the concave swoop at the top, take any flexible and long pipe to mark the curve and easily chop it off. 

The best part about this idea is that the marbles look different depending on the amount of sunlight. But one thing remains sure; the marbles will even keep the shaded part of the ground illuminated during the day!

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3. Painted Wood Fence Ideas

Painting the wooden pallets before installation can be a great way to make the fence stand out. It does not take much time and yet can turn out to look charming. You can either cover them entirely with a single color or make paintings and murals. 

The idea mentioned above skillfully incorporates recycled lumber, flowers, and herbs. To add this kind of fence into your garden, paint the center pallets and attach the side pallets with flowers and herbs growing on top. 

These wood fence designs are economically viable, environment friendly, and they make a great backdrop for pictures!

4. Garden-Top Pallet Wood Fence Ideas

Since we are on the topic of planting a garden on top of pallets after the last idea, why not spread the garden to the entire fence? A great way to incorporate and maximize your garden space is by planting greens on top of the wood pallets that make your fence. The materials required for this idea are affordable too. 

All you mainly need is a weed fabric (also called landscaping fabric), the seeds you want to plant, good quality compost, and some pallets. Lay the fabric in the cradle of the pallets. To ensure a snug fit, staple them from as many ends as possible. Add the compost and plant some shallow-rooted plants in the cradle, like kale, spinach, lettuce, and so on. 

5. Wire and Wood Fence Ideas

These sturdy and resilient fences can be the perfect choice for your garden, especially if you have vegetable patches. They provide protection against animals that might try and ruin the patch. Besides the safety, they also add a rusty and homestead aesthetic to the garden. Once you have installed the wooden poles, all you need to do is attach the rabbit wire. 

To do this, dig a ditch right under the fence, insert the wire and pack it in with some dirt. Use a heavy-duty stapler to staple its ends onto the wooden poles. 

For the door, make a simple wooden frame, attach the wire, and place a plank diagonally as shown above. Finally, secure the gate with a latch and you are done! 

6. Wattle Fence Ideas 

The feature that stands out most about this idea, is that it only uses a bunch of sticks for construction. However, do not be fooled by them. They still provide amazing structure and strength when assembled in a weave pattern. This simple yet sturdy design requires long and straight saplings. The ones used in the picture above are maple. 

Use appropriate gardening tools to eliminate any small and excess branches or leaves off the saplings. Now all that is left to do is place the stakes into the grounds and get weaving! Continue the process until it has reached the desired height. You can also use a hammer or a mallet to weave them closer and tighter to each other.

7. Unique Privacy Fence 

Source: www.hgtv.com

This unique privacy fence design is the most viable solution if you have nosy neighbors. It looks aesthetically pleasing from both sides due to the use of a variety of materials ranging from fabrics to vintage windows. 

The materials used in the pictured idea are two vintage-style windows, a wooden frame, some climbers, and lastly some spray paint. Prepare the wooden frame and firmly place them in the concrete footers by drilling holes. 

Spray paint the windows to a color of your liking and attach some fabric, preferably lace. Add some tall potted plants and climbers for extra privacy and voila! 

8. Horizontal Potted-Plant Wood Fence Ideas

Adding potted plants to a simple fence can add class and sophistication to what used to be a plain area. This is another way to add extra gardening space to your backyard without compromising any more land. Also, the terracotta pots have been attached to pressure-treated wooden boards. 

To start off, clear the area with a shovel and cut wooden planks to the size you want. Zip the planks and nail them together in a horizontal manner.

We prefer painting them white to add a striking contrast against the earthy terracotta and subtle greens. The best part about these wood fence designs is that they provide enough privacy but do not block the view completely. 

9. Lattice Wood Fence Designs 

A lattice fence is easy to build and place, and eases the eye with a simple checkered pattern. It comes affordable since it only requires a few basic garden tools, wood planks, and vines for an added aesthetic value.

Get the dirt level down and make sure the soil is not rocky. Dig out stumps by using a garden shovel and clear the area of any excess, unnecessary weeds. Cement posts and start making the wood squares for the main fence. 

The wood will most probably get darker as it ages, which will add even more beauty.

10. Recycled Shutter Fence Ideas

Are you a hoarder? Do you have a room packed with piles and heaps of old things just hoping to put them into use one day? Well, wait no more. Your one day is here. Collect as many shutters as you would like for this DIY fence and start recycling with us!

Once you have all the shutters, simply screw hinges to attach two at once. Paint them whatever color you please. The picture portrays a beautiful French blue since it went amazingly with the foliage and furniture, all the while giving a weathered look to the new shutter fence. 

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11. Picket Wood Fence Designs

wood fence ideas
Source: www.blackanddecker.com

The most classic idea for a fence is the picket fence idea. It has been around since a long time owing to its simple yet extremely functional design. Picket fences are usually placed at a low height around houses, as pictured above, to add a cozy sense of enclosure. 

To build this fence cut the wood down to the desired length and start shaping the tops in whichever shape you like. You can turn them into classic arrowheads or shape them however by using cardboard cutouts as stencils. Nail them together and remember to keep 2 inches between the fence and the ground. This prevents rot and encourages grass trimming. 

12.  Vertical Succulents Wood Fence Ideas

Another way to add greens to your vertical wall is by framing and hanging them. All you need for this DIY project is some cedar plywood in different sizes, a variety of succulents, glue, and potting mix. The cedar plywood should be cut appropriately for a frame, fascia, and back piece. 

Determine the size of the box and nail the outer frame. This wooden structure can also be stained with a darker color for an elegant finish. Lay down some landscape fabric on top of chicken wire and proceed to add the potting mix for the succulent planting.

13. Split Rail Wood Fence Designs

This fence idea stands out from all others due to its minimal requirements. All it requires is wood. That’s it. Not even nails, or hinges, or anything of that sort. The entire fence depends on how the wooden logs have been assembled. However, do not question its strength because of this; they are assured to stand robustly.

Simply split some logs right from the middle with a sledgehammer. The easiest way to do this is by finding a natural fault in the log. 

You can take any type of tree as per their hassle-free availability, but we chose oak since it splits easily. Assort them and start laying them in an angled manner. There will be some level of unevenness, so remember to place the thicker logs at the bottom.

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14. Paneled Wood Fence Designs

These wood fence design ideas incorporate an extra element called modinex. These fence panels are long-lasting and sustainable since they are composed of wood and poly. Still looking like natural timber, they work amazingly with wood to give a modern but rustic feel. You can also make panels using natural wood if you want. 

Create a wooden frame and mount the modinex panel in the middle. Secure it with some extra wooden planks on the sides as well as the bottom. The best part about these panels is that their designs are usually intricately made. Thus, when sunlight passes through it creates a beautiful pattern on the ground.  

15. Chevron Wood Fence Designs

The design pictured above only pictures one wall but it can be multiplied to create a whole fence. It will end up looking modern while also providing you with extra space to set up a patio and give you privacy. 

Use some pressure-treated lumber and connector brackets to create this wall. After creating a base frame for the diagonal planks to sit on, start securing the planks on the frame. Start at the bottom with longer boards to maintain the “v” pattern. As you go towards the top, switch to smaller boards for a sleek finish.

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We hope you found the perfect fence for your backyard out of these 15 wooden fence designs and ideas. If you want to turn your backyard into something even better, consider adding garden benches and fire pits besides these fences, for the coziest backyard imaginable! 

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