8 Types of Synthetic Grass to Improve Your Curb Appeal

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Artificial grass, also called synthetic grass, is a surface of engineered fiber strands made to look like common grass.

Nowadays, synthetic grass is frequently used in fields for games that were initially or are regularly played on the grass. Synthetic turf is also being used in residential gardens, backyards, and business places as well.

The primary reason for it’s popularity is that synthetic grass is low maintenance. It literally requires no watering or cutting. 

Types of Synthetic Grass

But synthetic grass has its drawbacks: limited life, time to time cleaning, oil use, chemicals from infill, and safety and health concerns.

Before we dive into the main topic of the article, let’s briefly talk about the average cost of artificial grass and installation.

Is Artificial Grass Worth The Money?

Synthetic Grass

Most proud homeowners want a pictureperfect lawn, right? Which is why many of them have now started to settle for synthetic grass. It solves weeding, fertilization woes, and water issues.

Artificial grass accompanies a major upfront cost which starts from $5 to $20 per square foot, installed. Whereas, once it’s installed, you can consider it to be free for the following 15 to 25 years. 

Grass installed by professionals, then again, costs just 14 to 60 cents for each square foot.

However, that’s where the real expenditure starts. You have to water, cut, treat — all of which cost cash and require significant investment.

Let’s compare the pricing of 500 square-foot-yard costings of artificial grass vs natural sod.

The artificial grass installation costs around $12.50/square foot and is $6250 on average. Whereas the natural sod costs around 40cents/square foot and is $200.

The yearly maintenance of the synthetic grass is $0. And the natural sod’s maintenance would cost around $850 per year.  

Along these lines, it would take less than seven years for the fake grass to recover its underlying investment.

In case you’re anticipating staying put for longer than that, you’ll start to set aside some cash every year.

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8 Types Of Synthetic Grass Types 

Below are 8 types of synthetic grass that help in enhancing the visual appeal of the house.

1. Play areas 

Synthetic Grass
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It is considered to be important for play areas to be protected with the concern in mind that the children playing on them don’t get injured.

A standout amongst the best ways to make sure that all children who are playing in that area are totally protected is to install synthetic turf. 

This has a wide range of advantages including:

  • Children will have a strong, durable and safe ground to play on,
  • There won’t be any dirt to track out of the play area, and
  • Some artificial grass accompanies antimicrobial properties to keep the children as safe as possible under the circumstances while they play.

2. Pet Yards 

Synthetic Grass
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Indeed, even little dogs can tear up a yard by playing and going around. However, fake grass is made to confront the wear and tear that originates from overly excited animals.

Moreover, pet owners won’t need to deal with muddy paws and furs when it’s time for their pets to come inside from playing. 

The best type of synthetic grass for a pet’s yard will have great seepage that will enable any accidents to rapidly drain away from the surface and guarantees that regardless of the amount it rains, there won’t be a wet surface for the animals to play on.

3. Sports Complexes 

Synthetic Grass

One of the greatest perks of installing synthetic grass on the field is that it’s much safer for players. This kind of grass will never get slippery or become muddy the way in which that natural sod grass does.

The players will be substantially less prone to accidentally being end up injured when using fields that have fake grass.

4. Home Lawn 

Synthetic Grass
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Synthetic grass looks incredible throughout the year so homeowners don’t have to stress over the visual curb appeal.

Rather than investing energy and money watering, cutting, and fertilizing the yard, when the grass is synthetic, it will look green for the rest days of the year. 

5. Golfing 

Synthetic Grass
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Synthetic turf is perfect for golfing, particularly for golfers who need to rehearse their putts at home. 

This grass can be installed both in the interior and the exterior side of the house. It enables golfers to rehearse at whatever point they need to without setting off to the golf course.

Furthermore, when they are installed inside the house, fake grass enables the house owner to putt regardless of the climate. It can without much of a stretch be installed inside with crease tape or glue.

6. For Balcony  

Synthetic Grass
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There’s no as such reason why people who live in the city can’t appreciate a little grass on their balconies.

While it’s difficult to grow natural grass on a balcony, the fake grass can be installed so the homeowner.

It’s simple to install and to maintain, enabling anybody to add some nature in their home in the city.

7. Truck Bed Liner 

Synthetic Grass
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Installing synthetic grass in the bed of your pickup truck will alloq you to carry almost anything without worrying over damaging the paint of it.

Truck lines are very costly and aren’t soft to offer any pad to the things that you are pulling. However, fake grass isn’t just tough to stand heavy items, but delicate enough to pad them while you are driving.

This guarantees everything arrives at the destination in one piece. And you don’t need to make repairs or need repaint the bed of your truck.

8. UV-Stabilized 

Synthetic Grass
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It’s considered to be essential to search for fake grass that has been UV-balanced out so you can make certain that it will keep going for quite a while in the sun.

Regardless of whether the grass you are thinking about can confront high temperatures, if it can’t face UV rays, at that point it will start to weaken rapidly.

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