13 Different Types of Lilies with Pictures

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Lilies are perennial flowers that live up to all expectations. Whether it is a rainbow range of flashy colors that can brighten the mood of any flower arrangement or the innumerable shapes and sizes that are a dream come true for any DIY gardener, lilies have it all.

But in addition to possessing an intoxicating scent that can mesmerize any personality and uplift all blue moods, there are a bunch of more reasons lilies are so extensively loved as garden plants.

With the striking beauty emanated by the various types of lilies, their big trumpet-shaped flowers and huge anthers full of rust-colored pollen can appeal to all eyes aesthetically.

Above all, it’s the straightforward care these plants need that makes them an all-rounder even in the backyards of newbie gardeners.

13 Different Types Of Lilies With Pictures

There is no shortage of attributes to lilies, but the best thing about them? From purple pendants to orange trumpets, there is a lily out there to satisfy every lily connoisseur and budding gardener.

To select a lily from all these overwhelming choices, read about our picks as we go through their features and the care required for sustaining them.

#1. Martagon Lily

Martagon Lily

A native of the mountain meadows of Switzerland, falling under the wild lily division, this lily is adored by patio owners for its perennial ability. Having a genuine love for light, this lily species has passed the handy trait of growing well under substantial sunshine to the generation of hybrid plants that followed.

The Martagon lily has a characteristic mauve, or soft purple to pink hue in its pendant turkscap blooms with freckles present on effloresce sometimes. An abundant supply of flowers covers the sparse foliage it produces, making it an excellent cut flower.

If you are looking to add a touch of a naturalistic scheme to your yard, Martagon lily will be a befitting choice with its seamless beauty. Moreover, these lilies are not too fussy with soil types and thrive in full sun conditions as they are summer plants.

Bonus Tip: Winters call for this plant to have good drainage. Thus, grow these lilies on a natural slope in your backyard or add grit to the planting hole.

#2. Acapulco Lily

Acapulco Lily

A hot pink ornamental hybrid that takes flower arrangements to new heights, this lily type is also a garden stunner. It serves terrific looks when decorated in bedrooms, window sills, and kitchen table tops. These radiant flowers have six petals and prominent stamens, blooming by early or late summer.

Over that, the bright pink blooms that only get more intense in their color when grown in DIY gardens have an enchanting fragrance. By making the job of planting efficient, these lilies have leaves that remain green throughout the season, avoiding the formation of any dull patches in your garden.

Symbolizing purity, refined beauty, and nurturing features, Acapulco lilies are tall and towering perennials that reach a height of 60-80 cm and can be grown in containers. Their bulbs give the best produce when planted during fall. But the sowing duration is stretched until spring.

Tip: Standing water is hazardous to the growth of this lily; make sure to water this plant with caution.

#3. Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Boasting peachy orange-hued petals that touch the base of the stalk by curling backward, Tiger lilies are a solid performer in backyards.

By being a profuse bloomer that produces as many as ten flowers per stem, these lilies have strappy leaves and specks of dark spots that make them fitting contrasts to balance the bright orange shades of your garden.

If you plant the bulbs in fall or spring, the expected blossom will be by mid-to-late summer. What’s more, these lilies can be self-propagated, ensuring you will never be short on Tiger lilies again after making a purchase once.

On the positive side, this lily variety is known for its robust nature, withstanding viral infections and pests with ease. But on the negative side, if planted near other lilies, potential parasite invasions could go unnoticed. Therefore, growing these lilies in a secluded spot on your patio will be a better plan of action.

Bonus Tip: While the flowers are edible, the pollen is slightly toxic to humans. Besides that, all plant parts are hazardously toxic for cats.

#4. Casablanca Lily

Casablanca Lily

Sharing a resemblance with snow because of their pearl-white petals, these types of lilies have reddish-brown anthers and flourish in the beaming summer sun.

Specifically popular additions in bridal bouquets, these lilies are a florist favorite due to the exceptional fresh-cut, dark green stem, and encapsulating fragrance they possess. But the Casablanca lilies never fall short in their performance in gardens.

Suitable to grow in containers and garden beds due to their ability to withstand crowding, these bulbous perennials become wide and add a rich quality and texture to your porch. Additionally, this herbaceous oriental hybrid gives the best results when planted in colder zones and given abundant sunlight.

Meanwhile, Casablanca lilies also enjoy the attention of bees and butterflies. Their ability to become a part of moon gardens truly makes this variety a stand-out option for DIY gardening enthusiasts.

Tip: Pollens of these lilies stain. Carefully snip off the pollen or use a tissue to pull the anthers apart and avoid staining of wedding dresses.

#5. Enchantment Lily

Enchantment Lily

An Asiatic hybrid that lives up to its name and enchants all its spectators with the electrifying orange-red color of its petals, this type of lily will make your backyard look more spirited, adding color and contrasts. Enchantment lilies provide flexible working conditions to the gardeners. They can thrive in almost any type of soil as long as it is well-drained and receives copious amounts of sunlight.

Offering giant and non-fragrant flowers, early summer blooms can be the most simple-to-grow choice for average gardeners. The tiny bulbils form in the apex of each leaf along the stems of nonflowering plants, simplifying the propagation process and ensuring a hefty supply of these plants in the future.

Working efficiently as cut flowers, lilies can be grown in pots used to create landscape borders and organized in fresh flower arrangements.

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#6. Elodie Lily

Elodie Lily

Elegant pastel pink hues with faded raspberry and maroon-colored spotting, Elodie lilies are an Asiatic hybrid variety that steals the scene with semi-double flower heads.

The addition of sturdy stems and upright flowers make this variety an excellent choice for bedding in your garden. Even more, this lily is pollen-free, which makes it widely accessible for the creation of romantic bouquets for all the people that suffer from pollen allergies.

With the aid of a sunny location, well-drained soil, and an ending touch of organic matter, any gardening enthusiast can grow these flowers in their patio and bask in their glory and summertime aesthetic.

This low-maintenance sub-tropical plant has deciduous foliage. It produces lance-shaped leaves and funnel-shaped flowers that are unscented. Finally, the container-friendly nature of these blooms makes them more attractive and twice as exclusive.

#7. Regale Lily

Regale Lily

Likewise to their name, these types of lilies are also known as Royal Lily and are an award-winning variety that has earned an appreciation for their sweet fragrance. If you want to add a dignified touch to your garden, these lilies will cater to all your needs.

With sparkling pure white trumpet-shaped cascading flowers, this lily species has golden centers called golden throats. The pinkish-purple streaks that outline its outer appearance add to the overall charm, transforming your patio completely.

Keep in mind to display this flower in groups of 3 bulbs at a minimum for getting a beautiful mix with other summer flowering bulbs. For pruning, when flowering is over, cut back leaves and stems once they turn yellow.

Tip: Cat owners, you might want to reconsider the decision of planting this lily in your garden as this variety is toxic for cats.

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#8. Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily

If your garden is waiting for a sensation to add spice and color to an otherwise dull mood, Stargazer lilies are the most mainstream types of lilies you will ever come across. These flowers sport an overpowering aroma that can feel almost spicy at times, overwhelming on-lookers.

In contrast to most lily plants that produce drooping flowers, this lily type creates upward-facing blossoms with tips curved towards the stem. When you want to throw subtlety out the window, ‘Stargazer’ will be beneficial by serving as a focal point.

Especially eye-catching are the vibrant colors of its large petals that illuminate any landscape. Adding to the never-ending list of its features is its potential to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators, easing the pollination process.

There are several options to choose from in flower colors as they range from pink to crimson to faded apricot hues, and even white variants sometimes.

Bonus Tip: Water these lilies whenever the soil feels dry on touch because the bulbs may rot if left for too long in standing water or soggy soil conditions.

#9. Tiny Bee Lily

Tiny Bee Lily

When maintaining a garden, if you raise a variety accommodating of pots and containers, it is always an added plus. It is space-efficient and low maintenance. One such friendly type is the Tiny Bee lilies.

With their dwarf characteristics, these plants prove themselves as versatile Asiatic hybrids because of their flexible uses.

Lilies are an all-rounder because from creating a sunny border alongside path edges to possessing quick adjustment abilities even in a rock garden, they do it all.

Having a life expectancy of over ten years, these lilies grow fast and produce optimal results even with minimal care. Just provide them enough moist conditions and a sunny spot, and your lily plant is all set to thrive.

Above all, Tiny Bee lilies are an excellent choice for windy areas where taller plant stems tend to snap and break.

And to top it up, the gorgeous golden blooms of yellow trumpet-shaped flowers have tiny black spots covering the center of the flower that blend perfectly into the garden.

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#10. Easter Lily

Easter Lily

The originator of some super hybrids such as ‘White American’ and ‘White Heaven,’ these types of lilies are well-known for their continued use in churches and sanctuaries during Easter. By planting this perennial plant that bears large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers, you can keep the Easter spirit intact way past the occasion.

Adaptable to both cold and warm regions, you can grow these lilies and increase the beauty of your yard in warmer temperatures. If you live in a colder area, you can explore indoor gardening options and decorate your kitchen windows with Easter lilies.

Sowing the seeds of these lilies in fall or early spring is preferred for a quicker growth period. The addition of these native Japanese plants will give a refined and elegant touch to your DIY garden.

Tip: Plant these lilies in moveable containers so you can bring them inside at the time of winter and let them soak in sunlight during summers.

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#11. Canada Lily

Canada Lily

Adding a midsummer feel to your porch that will last even when summer is over is a task Canada lilies will make achievable. The lance-shaped leaves and mesmerizing bright yellow trumpet flowers have a twinge of maroonish contrast on the inside that creates a stunning wildflower appearance.

True to their name, these lilies are from the meadows of Canada. Having fragrant blossoms capable of attracting pollinating agents like bees, flies, and birds, these types of lilies are ideal garden companions.

The bright yellow of downward-facing flowers provides a sweet contrast to the clashing orange shades of Enchantments and Tiger lilies. When given plenty of sunlight, slightly acidic soil, and well-drained conditions, these lilies will thrive.

#12. Lollypop Lily

Lollypop Lily

Are there too many individual shades of pinks and whites in your garden? If yes, Lollypop lilies will bridge the gap between these two contrasting colors.

Due to the flushed upward-facing white petals with tips painted rose-red, this lily type balances the tones of your garden flawlessly. Further, this perennial Asiatic variety is container-friendly and can be grown with ease in yards.

Even more, these lilies have a unique fresh scent that will help you to relax when tired. The perfume-like fragrance also makes it a convenient bouquet flower.

Sow the seeds of these lilies in April, and you will have blooms as early as June or July!

Bonus: Removal of old stems during late fall will help discourage the onset of diseases in your lily plant.

#13. Night Rider Lily

Night Rider Lily

Last but not least is this new variety of lily that doesn’t fail to astonish any of its spectators. The result of a cross between Asiatic and trumpet-shaped flowers, these final products are upward-facing and slightly curved towards the stem.

But, the most remarkable and unique quality of this lily is the dark violet-black to black color of its flower petals. They have a satiny sheen, giving it a regal and exotic appeal. The rare color adds an element of mystery to your patio as this is the darkest type of lily many gardeners see in their gardening lifespan.

In addition to being a statement-making species, these lilies also allow growth in containers and pots. Apart from that, a region with well-drained and manure-rich soil, a moist atmosphere, and a sunny environment will ensure the proper progression of these plants.


Lilies are a flower type that has no shortage of variants and hybrids. From a massive 8 ft. giant to the adorable dwarf hybrids that can brighten that one spot on your balcony that was always lonesome looking, lilies can do it all.

If you go searching, you will find a species suitable to all your needs. Besides that, you may even stumble upon a mystery hybrid that will become a unique possession of your yard!

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