Attaching Shade Cloth to Pergolas and Arbors

  Pergolas and arbors are designed with open tops that let light pass through. If this extra light becomes a problem, such as when the hot sun overheats your patio, a pergola or awning can be covered in shade cloth. Shade is made by companies like Coolaroo and is designed to block the sun while […]

Gazebo Canopy Replacement

  Gazebos whether standard or pop-up design, all have fabric canopies which block the sun and provide shade. Being that these canopies are directly exposed to the sun, they can fade, fray and rip over time. The lower quality the fabric is, the quicker it will degrade. Unfortunately for consumers, many manufacturers use low grade […]

Top 3 Sun Shades for Patios

  Sun shades for patios are designed with durable, breathable fabrics that can dramatically cool the area below. Since every patio is different, no single type of sun shade will work in every scenario. Different varieties of shades such as triangle shades, roller shades can be applied to different areas of the patio. Some of […]

Hot Tub Gazebo

A hot tub gazebo can provide relief from the sun while swimming in a jacuzzi or hot tub. These gazebos consist of a protective cover which can be made from a variety of materials including fabric, metal and wood. Gazebos such as these have a classy appearance and blend in well with their surroundings. The […]

How Does an Offset Patio Umbrella Work?

Offset patio umbrellas have a unique style and functionality which allows them to suspend above an area to provide shade. Also known as cantilever umbrellas, these functional outdoor shades can cover anything from furniture to pools to keep users cool. Under the protective canopy, temperatures can be reduced by 20-30 degrees. Most skin-damaging UV light […]