Tips for Buying Garage Door Screens

When you want to keep bugs and dirt out of your garage while still letting cool air in, a garage door screen can come in handy. These screens are made of material similar to those used in sliding door screens. However, they are much larger and cover an entire garage door opening. Garage door screens […]

Outdoor Tiles Installation

The addition of outdoor tiles can turn any outdoor space into a colorful and lush environment. The available selection of outdoor tiles is just as diverse as indoor varieties. These tiles are many of many different materials including red clay, ceramics, wood, porcelain and marble (most expensive). Bland concrete slabs are the most commonly transformed […]

Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete surfaces are some of the toughest and most resilient around. That’s why they’re used in places of high traffic like garages and patios. Concrete actually becomes increasingly stronger over time. However, concrete can be difficult to clean especially when exposed to chemicals and oils. Car oils leaking from your vehicle can be very difficult […]

What Is Concrete Paint And Stain?

Why use concrete paint?  The invention of concrete is an industrial miracle that people all too often take for granted. The very foundation of our homes relies on long lasting concrete to hold up many tons of weight. While most people envision concrete in industrial applications, it can have an aesthetic appeal for uses in the […]