Advantages Of An Electric Saw

  Electric saw is rapidly becoming more popular than their gasoline powered counterparts for several reasons. An electric saw, no matter the type, requires very little maintenance other than some oiling and an occasional blade sharpening. Using an electric saw is often much safer because the power can be cut in an instant. Gas powered […]

Lawn Rake Types

  The lawn rake is an essential yard tool, picking up leaves and debris from lawns, dirt and rocks. Most people picture a lawn rake in its simplest form, but there are so many varieties of rakes on the market. The basic lawn rake is made from a metal or plastic working end with a […]

Choosing A Pond Vacuum

A pond vacuum is a device similar to a wet-vac that allows pond owners to suck up debris out of their pond. These systems come in several forms. The most cost effective vacuums are the ones that use garden hose pressure to form a vacuum and suck up debris. There are also electrically powered vacuums […]