Accessories For Your Suncast Shed


Satisfied Suncast shed owners everywhere recognize the dependable storage solutions that the company Suncast offers. What they may not know is that Suncast makes a wide variety of accessory products to make their sheds even more organized. These accessories are designed to attach quickly and easily to existing sheds, and because their made by the same company who makes the sheds, are of the highest quality and compatibility. An accessory like the tool hook rack or the hanging basket can help shed owners organize their tools, extensions Suncast Shedcords, and more with ease. The loft shelf accessory keeps your stuff stored up high, taking advantage of previously unused space. Let’s take a look at some of these cool accessories in greater depth.

Suncast Loft Shelf

The loft shelf is an overhead shelving system which attaches to the ceiling of your Suncast shed. Bulky and unwieldy items like tents and fuel canisters can be stored out of the way to free up precious floor space. The structure is made out of wire to allow users complete visibility of their stored items. The powder coated wire structure is accessed through a frontal opening. Years of reliable use are made possible by the durable steel wire frame. For additional storage options, hooks can be added to the bottom of the shelf to hang items from. If your shed is big enough, multiple loft shelves can be used together in your Suncast storage shed.

Bracket Accessory

Suncast manufactures many slat wall accessories like hooks which can be used with this bracket. The bracket accessory attaches to the shed’s inner wall, allowing users to hang Suncast hooks and baskets. The hook attachment (sold separately) makes for the perfect place to store your rolled up extension cords. With weight evenly distributed, this bracket can hold up to 40 pounds. The powder coated finish protects the bracket and prevents rust.

Corner Shelf

An excellent way to make use of corner space, this shelf attaches via brackets to any corner of your Suncast shed. Slots built in to your shed provide the mounting surface. A single shelf can hold up to 40 pounds of cans, tools, buckets, pots and anything else you can think of. Brackets are included which attach to the wall of the shed. With a shelf unit at each corner of your shed, you’ll have no problem keeping clutter off the ground. This shelf is not compatible with the following Suncast sheds: GS8000, GS9000, and GS9500A. Whether you have a large industrial shed or a small Suncast garden shed, a corner shelf can improve your organization.

To keep yourself on the right track, you can use a garden shed checklist. These can be found in magazines at the home improvement centers or online. In addition, a shade can be another effective accessory to keep cool while working in and around the shed. Placing a shade over one side of your shed can decrease the temperature inside.

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