Spider Repellent

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Spider Repellent
Bottles like these contain natural ingredients for safe spider control.

The eight legged creatures known as spiders are notorious for penetrating our home’s defenses and disturbing our lives. Spider repellent serves to remove these pests from the home. This repellent comes in many forms, some are natural and others employ various chemicals. Sprays, sticky traps, and ultrasonic devices stand at the forefront of this technology.

If kids and children are present in the home, a natural spider repellent is ideal. Natural liquid spray products use substances found in nature such as orange peel extract and peppermint oil. Being that they are non-toxic, they are safe to use around pets and people. Sprays are most effective when they are placed in areas where spiders are most likely to traffic. This includes corners, baseboards, closets, garages, gardens and pantries. Some people end up trying several different sprays before finding one that works well.

Manmade chemicals are undoubtedly the most effective at killing and repelling spiders, but they are harmful if touched, swallowed or inhaled. They also leave a potent odor in the air. Use of these chemicals is best left to outdoor areas like sheds, garages and gardens.

Relatively new to the spider repellant field are ultrasonic wall devices. They emit sound waves which are incredibly annoying to bugs and small critters. Humans and pets, however, cannot hear this sound. They have been proven to be quite effective at creating a barrier which spiders to not go past. One device per room is enough to create ample protection. Advanced ultrasonic repellers have multiple pest settings which can dial in to spiders. This is perhaps the best solution which does not employ chemicals or poisons. Many spider control devices serve as a night light too.

Spider Repellent
A typical ultrasonic pest repeller.

Sticky traps are a tried and true method for capturing and killing pests. However, spiders can be a bit difficult to catch in these traps. Spiders can climb on almost any surface, making their patterns unpredictable. However, scented sticky traps increase your chances of capturing spiders. Scented spider repellant is engineered to attract spiders to the trap. Some target all spiders, while others target specific ones such as the hobo spider. The best kinds of traps for queasy individuals are the ones which have a hidden chamber. You cannot see the dead bugs with these types.

Even when the spider problem is gone, you could end up with messy spider webs on your hands. Spider webbing actually attracts more spiders because they like to eat webbing as a way of recycling. Liquid web remover is available which targets and destroys the web contact points.

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