Solar Deck Lights

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Solar Deck Lights

While everyone has a different idea of what a quality deck should be, everyone can agree that decks need to be well lit at night if they are to be used frequently.

Light fixtures are available which are specifically intended to be installed on decks. These fixtures come in different styles to accommodate different parts of the deck. For example, deck stairs can be safely lit using recessed lights.

Fences or posts on the edge of the deck can be elegantly lit using post lights. The large selection of various styles and trims allows for complete customization.

Solar deck lights are the easiest to install and require no wiring which can be difficult and messy.

Don’t risk damaging your existing deck with electrical work- use solar deck lights instead.

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Recessed Solar Deck Lights

Davinci Solar Post Lights

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Deck lights classified as “recessed” are designed to fit flush with the ground/wall they are installed in. When installed in the ground, the lights can be stepped on safely, and do not protrude enough to cause tripping.

They can also be installed into a wall or stairs to create a safe environment to walk. A hole must be made within the wood/composite decking for which the fixture can be placed.

Once set inside, the light is secured with screws and/or weatherproof industrial glue.

Lights are available in square, circular, rectangular and other shapes, and typically come in packs of the same style for uniformity.

If drilling holes if not for you, don’t worry.

Some recessed solar deck lights install over the mounting surface. They stick out a bit more, but some people prefer this style.

Lights such as these can point light in varying directions, including down towards the ground, into the air, onto the mounting wall, or out into space. It all depends on how the fixture was designed.

Solar Deck Post Lights

OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights

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Also known as “post toppers”, post lights are universal light fixture which mounts to post on deck fences. Post lights require a square fence post to attach to.

The light slips over the post and is secured into place with a few screws.

They sit perched atop each post, defining the border of your deck in a classy way. Solar panels on the top or sides capture energy from the sun which they use at night.

No manual activation is necessary with this or any other solar deck light, as they have a solar sensor which turns them on at night.

To ensure that the post light is compatible with your fence, simply measure the width of the square post and find a light fixture that matches it.

The wood should not need sanding or any special type of preparation if the right size has been selected.

Universal Solar Lights

Solar Power Square Outdoor Post Cap Lights

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Universal style deck lights can attach to just about any surface and are not limited to a particular area. They either screw onto a surface or are attached with adhesive double-sided tape.

Placement can range from near an entryway to on a piece of patio furniture placed on the deck. Solar panels in each module keep the average solar light powered for up to 8 hours each and every night.

The LED lights in these systems last practically a lifetime, so the only part you must replace is the batteries every couple of years.

Most deck lights use standard AA rechargeable batteries which are readily available at retail stores.

The Effect of Deck Lights

Deck lights are so much more elegant and stylish than standard outdoor entryway lights. Entry lights by the patio door can only cover so much area, thus making the light uneven.

Deck lights use powerful LED bulbs to create pockets of light anywhere on the deck that you please. The quick installation of solar models causes many people to avoid wired lights altogether.

Get some solar deck lights and jazz up your deck today!

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