15 Small Yet Beautiful Front Garden Ideas in 2022

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“Small is beautiful,” as the saying goes, sometimes a tad bit of modifications in the perspective makes everything look simply gorgeous. And why not? There is rarely any relationship between size and the intensity of beauty. So, why not consider small garden ideas that can be seamlessly integrated in front of any home?

Smaller gardens have their own set of advantages. And although petite, they add aesthetic value to a house. “The tiniest garden is the loveliest,” as they say! So, if you enjoy the peace of lush green nature, here are our picks for the top 15 small yet beautiful front garden ideas that will be a hit in 2022.

These are easy-to-implement and maintain garden ideas that will instantly spruce up your vacant yard or lawn.

Why Front Garden?

You are a prosperous man if you have a garden on your property!

A front garden can be many things: a green haven, a friendly and open space, a social gathering spot, etc.  A front garden will undoubtedly appeal to you the most if you share this viewpoint. But why do you need a front garden? Why should you engage in this field? Why not, we say?

There is nothing wrong with transforming a vacant plot of land into a lush garden that serves as a welcoming gesture for your guests. A front garden, on the other hand, would necessitate your time. We’re not saying it’s rocket science, but it would require a strategy.

You can search for ideas on the internet or consult a professional for assistance. That being said, we believe it is always better to get your hands dirty and start working on your garden yourself, with some assistance if necessary. It will add your personalized feel to the garden. And yes, you will get connected to nature.

15 Beautiful Front Garden Ideas

We adore the concept of small front gardens. And here are our top picks for the top 15 small yet exquisite front garden ideas for you. Of course, these ideas will be most appealing if you have a small yard in front of your house. These DIY garden ideas will surely rock your space because they are simple to maintain and cheap as chips.

1. Container Garden

Container Garden
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/AeJznQ8EqyZS-K4uIKQDkZVwZDaZ6CyNR3hl2reqhNdE8Oo3YfDkvYg/

Let’s start with the most practical and easy-to-maintain garden idea: container gardening.

If you have limited space in front of your house and want to create a garden, consider container planting. Plant your favorite greens in new planters or old and discarded pots or containers. Planters come in various materials, including Fiber Ceramic Wooden Terracotta Concrete, among others.

Old tires can also be used for this purpose. You can paint the planters to match the color of your walls. Container plants, when done correctly, add a splash of color and vibrance to your entire property.

If you want to make a statement, use larger planters or containers.

However, if you choose large planters, make sure not to crowd the front of your house with too many of them. Hostas, hydrangeas, begonias, and vinca are excellent for large containers.

2. The Ladder and Containers

The Ladder and Containers

This is yet another container planting project. Place a ladder against a garden wall and decorate its steps with small tubs filled with flowers and vines. And to add color to your garden, combine perennial flowers with vines and evergreen, low-growing plants.

Container plants will not only dress up step ladders, but blossoms displayed at differing stages will brighten up the entire arrangement.

3. Upscaled Wheelbarrow Garden

Upscaled Wheelbarrow Garden

Who said you always needed new things to make a garden? Nobody! This is something we believe in as well. So, here’s an upgraded wheelbarrow garden idea for you.

Plants can thrive anywhere if given the proper environment, food, and water. So, instead of throwing away an old and run-down wheelbarrow, repurpose it as a planter. It should be cleaned, colored (if desired), and filled with soil. Then plan an array of greenery based on your preferences.

We recommend using 2-3 wheelbarrows of varying sizes to create a cover of low and bushy flowering plants such as petunias, pussytoes, verbena, etc. Bearberry can also be grown to add a berrylicious touch to your wheelbarrow garden.

4. Floral Borders

Floral Borders
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/56787645273885223/

Consider adding a floral border to the front pathway or walkway. It’s simple to make a flower border. Combine evergreens and lovely flowering plants to make a stunning and spruced-up floral side path. This do-it-yourself front garden idea will add a perspective to an entranceway without the additional work of maintaining the plants.

To add an authentic and cleaner look, you can create a border using bricks, pebbles, or stones. Doing so would keep your floral bed separate from the pathway.

5. Traditional Garden with White Fence

Traditional Garden with White Fence
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/237424211594632466/

A traditional way to create a front garden is with a white picket fence and colorful plants. It’s the epitome of the residential garden fantasy, and it’s also a surprisingly inexpensive DIY garden idea. If you already have a fence, paint it white or install a new one, which will cost between $500 and $1,000.

However, the cost would be determined by the size of your yard. And believe us when we say that the white fence will be the star of your garden. It would appear so versatile that you would not need to invest much in the landscape. Simply plant contrast-colored flowering plants, and you’re good to go.

6. All About Bougainvilleas

All About Bougainvilleas
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/92957179800300905/

As the summer approaches, we shift our attention toward blooming bougainvilleas. These creepers are simply exquisite, and they belong to the thorny ornamental vines and bush family.

Any person with a strong aesthetic sense cannot say no to these plants. So, we are listing out some top garden ideas that you can implement with bougainvillea plants.

  • Plant bougainvilleas in large and tall contain and place them entrance door as a warm, welcoming sign for your guests.
  • Try the climbing variety to let them grow along with the trellis in front of your house.
  • Plant bougainvilleas in containers for front container gardening. Do not forget to prune your plants to maintain their height.
  • If you have a patio or veranda in the front of your house, go for hanging bougainvilleas. Plant them in hanging planters and let them do the rest of the magic.
  • Create a bougainvillea bed on your front lawn to create an effortless, colorful oasis.

7. Succulents

Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/561472278554193791/

Succulents are excellent choices for front-garden design. These are low-maintenance plants that come in several varieties. Mix succulent forms, sizes, foliage, and styles to create a dramatic look in your garden.

Combining plants of varying heights would also produce an appealing sculpted effect. Also, remember to cover the topsoil with colorful gravels and pebbles to achieve a minimal yet vibrant look on the front of your house.

8. The Circular Flower Bed

The Circular Flower Bed
Image Credit: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/circle-bed.jpg

Do you have a large tree in front of your house? If you do, make it the focal point of your new front garden décor. First, make a border with bricks or pebbles around the tree. To make a raised bed, fill it with garden soil.

Finally, create a beautiful circle of color by planting your favorite colorful flowering plants. You can create a vibrant color palette by combining different hues.

9. Colorful Combination

Colorful Combination
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/4996249579413250/

Use your imagination to create a color show for your front garden. Don’t we all enjoy seeing how wildflowers grow on their own?  So why not incorporate it into your next gardening project?

Choose your favorite perennial flowering plants from a variety of colors. They should be planted together. Experiment with different colors and heights. We are convinced that the outcome would be as pleasing as seeing wildflowers in the countryside. However, remember to pair plants that complement each other.

10. A Birdbath

A Birdbath
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/85357355428289917/

A properly designed and decorated birdbath can become the focal point of your front garden. During the hot summer months, it would serve as a safe refuge for birds to unwind, take a dip, bask, and quench their thirst. A rock birdbath can be purchased locally or online. Install it in the center of your front yard and plant with your favorite evergreens and perennials around it. The entire arrangement would attract birds and pollinators, and your front garden would quickly become a nature haven.

11. A Garden With a Hammock

A Garden with a Hammock
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/315744623883927794/

Do you love afternoon siestas? If so, nothing beats installing a hammock in your front garden among green plants. Hammocks are ideal for front gardens, particularly those with a pergola, patio, or narrow side space.

To create a private hideaway, install a spring hammock in the corner of your front garden surrounded by box hedges. Finish with houseplant shrubs, ferns, vines, colorful pebbles, and lanterns for the nighttime.

12. Hardscaping

Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/114208540541600852/

What exactly is hardscaping? It is the polar opposite of landscaping, in which non-living materials are used more than natural ones. You can improve the appearance of your front yard by incorporating hardscape elements. Some ways you can opt are mentioned below:

  • Patios made of concrete
  • Stone pathways
  • Patios made of stone
  • Pergolas made of wood
  • Slabs of stone for outdoor steps
  • Fencing made of wood
  • Wooden structures or gazebos

We are not suggesting that you abandon greenery during the hardscaping process. Instead, you can combine the ideas mentioned above with container gardening DIY. Patios, gazebos, and pergolas can all benefit from container plants.

Along the stone pathways, you can also create a container floral border. On the other hand, plant creepers on trellis and fences for a vibrant-looking front garden.

13. The Cacti Way

The Cacti Way
Image Credit: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/28499410132837256/

Cactus garden ideas can really get your creative juices flowing. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time gardening, these low-maintenance hardy plants are ideal for your front yard. The most exciting part is that there are a plethora of types of cactus species to choose from.

Combine them with succulents to add a splash of color to your front garden. Experiment with different shades, patterns, and sizes to create an eye-catching scene. You can never go wrong with the cacti garden idea. Remember to cover the topsoil with pebbles, stones, and rock chips.

14. Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree
Image Credit: https://www.lutheranworld.org

As they say, plant trees; you can apply this knowledge to your front yard. A tree is an attractive, low-cost option that you can never go wrong with. A single tree can serve as the focal point of a small yard.

You can purchase a mature tree for instant satisfaction, but you’ll save money by purchasing a sapling.’ However, for the latter option, you must wait long for the result to appear. To get a combined effect, you can incorporate the circular floral bed front garden DIY into this idea.

15. Beds of Petunias

Beds of Petunias
Image Credit: https://i.pinimg.com

Small is beautiful, and petunias are its living example. Landscaping with petunias has remained highly popular among home gardeners. These low-growing flowering plants come in different hues, and creating small circular floral beds can have a dramatic effect.

You can also place wooden barrels planted with petunias. Choose any landscaping ideas you want. Petunias are versatile and would adapt to every style of gardening.


So there you have it: some of the most popular front garden ideas for 2022. This list goes on and on. You can always get creative and add a personal touch to make your front yard a green oasis. Please let us know how you feel about our suggestions, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have anything to add. And keep gardening until we return with a new post.

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