The Long Lasting Quality Of A Rubbermaid Shed

Any Rubbermaid shed is built with quality materials and constructed with functionality in mind. The name Rubbermaid invokes thoughts of a highly durable and reliable storage solution, and rightfully so. Sometimes you need a little extra space to keep everything organized. The best way to do this is to use a convenient storage shed. Sheds can be placed outdoors and indoors, and can store items ranging from tools to toys. When the garage or backyard gets overwhelmed with clutter, consider one of these sheds to make the most out of the available space. Sizes range from small to large and they are easy to assemble, with some being completely pre-made. The company has manufactured so many shed varieties that it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks in picking the Rubbermaid storage sheds.

Types Of Sheds

Rubbermaid Shed
Big Max 7 Foot Square Shed

I highly recommend the Big Max Rubbermaid Shed series because of their versatility and wide range of uses. The smallest is the Big Max Junior and comes in the dimensions of 6 feet by 3 feet. This is the amount of area that will be available to you on the shed floor. This is the perfect space for things like lawnmowers, shovels, tools, boxes or anything else. This shed can be stored out in the backyard, in the garage or even indoors. Because they are made of durable plastic, it is safe and clean enough to even put food products in. A shed like this could free up space in the kitchen and be used as an extra pantry. Most likely, though, you have clutter or extra items around the house that you need to put somewhere in an organized fashion. A Rubbermaid shed is a far easier solution to rearranging the house to make more room. Simply put the shed anywhere it’s needed and you’re ready to de-clutter and organize your home. Place Rubbermaid sheds in the backyard for the kids’ toys. Get one for the “tool guy” in your household for a great place to keep and organize tools.

The next biggest shed in the Big Max line is the standard version which measures 6 foot square, providing 325 cu ft. of space. A more wide range of items can be stored in this bigger shed, including larger lawn mowers, small ladders, storage boxes, unused furniture, and more. Keeping your lawnmower in a protected place like this prevents corrosion and rust. Plastic components can discolor and degrade in the sun. A shed can protect your valuable items and promote greater organization. If you have patio furniture, you can store extra chairs for guests or events. Most people keep some extra chairs around for get-togethers but end up stacking them on the side of the house. Besides degrading in the weather, the furniture can accrue bugs, spider webs and dirt, which won’t give a very positive impression to your guests. Install a tool rack in the shed for your garden tools and weed whacker.

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

If you’re searching for a complete storage solution, consider getting the Big Max Ultra. The largest in the series, the Ultra provides a massive 6 by 10 feet of space, totaling 467 cubic feet. While not quite large enough to support a car or truck, this shed is perfect for people with a wide range of needs. Lawnmowers, bikes, tools, or even motor scooters would fit well in here, with room enough for a shelf or two. To make the most of the empty space higher than stacking height, consider putting one or two shelves into the shed. The shelves can support smaller items like boxes and other miscellaneous items. The Big Max Ultra is sure to become your personal storage sanctuary. Measure the area where you want to put it to make sure there will be enough space. If it will lie within a walkway or path, keep in mind that people or equipment may need to pass around the Rubbermaid shed.

Made With The Consumer In Mind

So, what makes a Rubbermaid storage shed so great anyway? The secret is in the craftsmanship and design. The double-walled construction ensures a weatherproof seal and provides strength. Many of the sheds on the market today are made with one wall. The problem with this is that a single wall has far less rigidity than two. Also, the air in between the walls acts as an insulator to mediate the temperature inside. Rain, dust and wind have a much harder time penetrating the shed’s walls. Place your shed anywhere, rain or shine, and have the peace of mind that comes with owning Rubbermaid storage sheds.


Another great thing about these sheds is the ease of construction. The “wall anchor” system was designed to aid in quick and easy shed building. Some smaller sheds come pre-assembled, such as the floor units at your home improvement store, but the larger ones will come un-assembled in a box. Even if you’re not handy with tools, you’ll do just fine with assembly, as Rubbermaids assemble with very little hardware.

Other Varieties

Rubbermaid Horizontal

If you have smaller or more specific storage needs, then the Big Max line may not be for you. The Rubbermaid vertical storage shed (number 3673). It features double doors and a loading ramp to roll heavy items right into the shed. You may think of a plastic shed to be only suitable for lightweight items, but that isn’t the case. The plastic materials are very sturdy and can take a beating. The vertical design of this shed means that it does not require much floor space, and can be put in more places than usual. The tall structure can accommodate things like shovels and step ladders. Another great vertical model is number 3673. It is extra deep to accommodate larger items like bicycles. For wide and low storage, consider a Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed. The low profile means easy access. Many of these have sliding lids.

Rubbermaid produces some of the most long-lasting and durable storage sheds around. It’s no wonder why so many people have organized and de-cluttered their homes using them. It’s not just a storage shed, either. The company has spent countless research producing products that are smarty designed to handle any need. Once you find the shed that will work best, you are sure to enjoy it for years to come. When compared to steel sheds, Rubbermaid's lightweight plastic models are superior in many ways. Rubbermaid offers their sheds for sale at many locations worldwide, including on the internet.


  1. Hi, I was wondering what is the larges Rubbermaid shed available? I just bought a 7×7 foot one at Menards but looking for another one to put in yard. I would want this one just slightly bigger if possible and love the Rubbermaid product. Is there one out there bigger??



  2. Hi I recently bought a 7×7 foot Rubbermaid shed for storage for my kids toys and power wheels and things. I am looking for another one to put in the yard for myself for mower and things like that. I was wanting bigger. Does Rubbermaid make one bigger? I like the product and hope so.



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