Buying Tips for Rocking Chairs

Rocking ChairsA truly timeless piece of furniture, the rocking chair is a tool of comfort and peace. Often seen gracing a garden or patio, rocking chairs go back a long time but are still intensely popular today. Learn more about these chairs below.

Choosing a Material

Plastic rocking chairs have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to clean. They also do not chip like wood or require yearly re-sealing. However, you will not find beauty which compares to wood. Manufacturers can only simulate the look of wood by stamping wood grain texture onto the plastic pieces.

Metal rocking chairs made of steel or aluminum are heavy duty and strong, but are considerably heavier than plastic and most wooden rocking chairs. However, a rocking chair made from aluminum require no maintenance and will never rust. As the paint chips away from steel rocking chairs, they can easily form rust if used outdoors.

Wood remains the most popular material for use in the rocking chair design. After all, it is the most beautiful to look at. Also, no other material can give you that signature “creaking” sound as you rock back and forth. A wooden rocking chair can be re-painted and stained a dozen times over before needing replacement. As such, many families have a rocking chair in their home which has been in the family for generations.

Indoor Versus Outdoor

Rocking chairs are built for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor varieties tend to be more comfortable overall, coated in decorative and comfy cushions and ergonomic curves. While the outdoor versions can be less comfortable, there are ways to spruce them up. Adding a set of outdoor cushions to the seat and back can make any hardwood rocking chair feel like a couch. If you plan on using your rocking chair outdoors, look for models which have an “outdoor rated” label. These outdoor rocking chairs are the ones most likely to have exterior sealant and hardwoods like teak which are designed to resist rot and bug infestation. Upholstered rocking chairs should be restricted to indoor use only, as the cushions are not usually removable and not made of weather resistant materials.

Rockers of the Modern Age

It may seem frivolous to some, but rocking chairs exist with electronic features like built-in heaters and massagers. Some even have the ability to recline. These features are most desired from people like mothers and the elderly who appreciate these extra comfort options. It just proves that rockers are timeless and can be adapted to any age.

Trying it Out

Those who are particular about their furniture should always consider trying a rocking chair out before purchase. While this is not always possible, you may be able to find a nice selection at a local furniture store. Aspects of the chair such as back incline, cushioning, arm rest height, and rocking range can be better analyzed in person.

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