River Rock Landscaping Ideas

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River rock landscaping is very popular nowadays. From the name itself, river rocks are simple rocks that come from rivers. Generally, river rocks are smooth in texture, and they can be in different colors.

As landscaping rocks, they have used in all areas of the yard. They are versatile; and aside from serving aesthetic purposes, river rocks are functional too. Let’s take a look at three great river rocks landscaping ideas:

River Rock Landscaping Ideas

River Rocks as a Pathway or Walkway

The most common landscaping use of river rocks is for pathways and walkways. River rocks are often used as a full path or walkway, with the stones laid out flushed against each other; it can also be laid in mortar.

A River Rock Decorated Pond

One of the ideal rocks to use to decorate a pond or any body of water is river rocks; after all, these rocks did come from the body of water. River rocks will give your pond a more natural look.

To create a sloping bank to help the pond merge into the rest of the garden or area, you can use small to medium-sized river rocks. It’s also nice to place large stones around the pond as they can serve as seats for visitors.

Bordered with River Rocks

River rocks are also great for border trees, flower beds, and other plants. You can build a stone circle around a tree for a decorative effect. There’s also the possibility of using river rocks to create attractive borders for flower beds, vegetable patches, and other plants in the rock garden.

River Rock Landscaping Ideas

As you can see, the river rocks make great landscaping material. River rocks can be found at any local river. But of course, you don’t need to go to the river banks to hunt these rocks anymore.

River rocks are widely available in home and garden and landscaping stores; all you need to do is hunt which store has the best ones that are up for sale at a very good price. River rocks are typically sold according to sizes and color; so don’t be surprised if someone from the stores asks your color and size preference.

Apart from river rock, you have other options for the rocks and stones that you can use for your landscaping project.

But nonetheless, whatever stones or rocks you use, just make sure that the ones you choose will go with your budget, and the overall them or concept for the area you are about to landscape.

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