Durable Resin Outdoor Furniture

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Resin is the perfect material for use in outdoor furniture because it is extremely durable and weather resistant. Resin furniture comes in many forms Resin Outdoor Furnitureranging from patio chairs to dining tables. They are made by injecting plastic resin into a mold to make the parts. Unlike wood furniture, resin is completely uniform in all areas and maintains its strength when wet. Furniture made from resin is incredibly light and easy to move around. Furniture made from this no-maintenance material is used worldwide in backyards, patios and gardens. Whether you want to augment your yard with a single resin piece or design an entire outdoor dining center from it, resin outdoor furniture is a great choice.

Why Choose Outdoor Resin Furniture?

There are many advantages to making resin outdoor furniture a part of your home. Resin is completely resistant to chlorine, many stains, air and water, making it a maintenance free furniture solution. Materials like wood can rot, warp, discolor and break down over time when exposed to the elements. Steel furniture has a tendency to rust which can discolor the exterior and reduce structural strength. Resin is lightweight and easy to maneuver around such as in the case of setting up a dining area for guests.

Resin comes in many colors to match your yard. The tops of resin tables and benches are often textured in the mold process to provide better traction. Drinks and food placed on a table top stays where it's put. Users don't have to worry about spills staining the resin, as it is not porous in nature.

During the manufacturing process, resin outdoor furniture is molded into just a few components, making it easy to assemble the unit. Wood and steel pieces can be a pain to assemble, often requiring many nuts, bolts and even drilling. Resin outdoor patio furniture comes with pre-drilled holes for your convenience. Assembly can usually be complete in under 30 minutes. Resin Outdoor Furniture

What Types of Furniture are Available?

The applications of resin are almost limitless. Basically any piece of furniture you have seen in a store can be created in resin form. Let's take a closer look at the different types of resin outdoor furniture pieces on the market and their applicable features:

Resin Patio Chair

Resin patio chairs are quite sturdy and can support a good deal of weight. They tend to come in two forms- one of which uses slats to form the back and the other which is a single, solid piece. Many of the resin chairs with slats are able to recline back and change angles, adding additional comfort. The solid chairs can stack upon each other for storage or to keep them out of the way. Both high and low back models are available to accommodate individuals of different heights. Armrests are always a good option, as well as seat cushions for the base and back.

Resin Lounge

Lounges are often seen next to pools where people soak up the sun and grab a tan. Many of these models are made of wood which just doesn't make sense. Wood can rot and warp over time, especially when exposed to pool water and chlorine. Resin, on the other hand, is impervious to water and chemicals and will never warp or fade over time. The back portion and sometimes leg portion can change angles as needed, allowing the user to either lie back flat or sit up. Like resin chairs, some lounges are stackable.

Resin Table

A resin table is always a good addition to any yard, especially if you intend on eating outdoors. Some models have a hole to put a patio umbrella in. You can gauge the size of the table before you order it by looking at the diameter (if circular) or the length & width (if square or rectangular). Resin tables can be color coordinated with resin chairs, and often come in a set.

Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Another outdoor furniture option combines the  properties of wicker and puts it in a resin form. Resin wicker is actually 100% resin that has been molded into the shape of wicker. The resin is folded and weaved into the shape of a furniture piece  just like real wicker is.

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