Gardening with Potting Benches

Potting benches consist of a raised platform from which a variety of gardening tasks can take place. Many of the tasks Potting Benchesthat require painful bending and kneeling can be completed on one of these benches. Transplanting, mixing soil, preparing pots and more can be done comfortably while standing up or sitting in a chair. One large shelf underneath the work surface provides storage space for large items like pots and soil bags. A hutch style shelf above the work table can be used for small pots, gardening tools and more. A potting bench is a welcome addition to gardens of all types and stages.

Design of a Potting Bench

Despite being called a garden potting bench, these pieces are actually a sort of table with multiple storage shelves. The raised working surface is perhaps the most important part of this bench, as it provides a sturdy and flat place for gardeners to work. Things typically done on the ground can be transported to the work surface and done there. The best part is that you can keep everything you need to complete a job close at hand. A large storage shelf under the table is used to keep heavy items close by. This includes large terra cotta pots, bags of soil or compost, and large garden tools. Just above the work table is a hutch-style shelf that keeps small items within reach. Hand tools, smaller pots, packages of fertilizer stakes and more can be organized right in front of you.

Tool Accomodations

Tools are a gardener's best friend. Nobody likes to make several trips from the tool shed to the work site, which is why potting benches have many accommodations for tools. Tool racks and hooks are a common sight on a potting bench. Tool hooks can be used to hand small hand tools with hanging loops on the handles. Creative gardeners can place a garden tool caddy on one of the shelves or hang it over the side for extra storage.

Cedar Potting Bench

Cedar is the wood of choice in these benches for several reasons. A natural cedar potting bench simply looks classy. Cedar blends in well with garden environments, unlike industrial products made from metal. Cedar is a hard wood that is very strong, allowing users to place dozens or even hundreds of pounds of product on their benches. And finally, cedar is resistant to rot and decay caused by bugs and moisture. Users can safely spill dirt and water on the bench and expect easy cleanup afterward.

Extra Features

Extra feature are always a bonus, and potting benches do not disappoint. Some models have a special mixing bucket built into the table that can be used to prepare soil before use. Plant feed, sand, soil and compost can be mized to the proper ratios before pouring the into the bucket.

A side-mounted drop leaf can instantly increase the amount of table space of the bench. These leaves fold up or down in seconds and lock firmly into place.

Drawers are essential if you have small items which could roll around or fall through the cracks of the table. Things like gloves, plant markers and sunglasses can be kept withing the drawers so they do not get lost or damaged.

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